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What was your worst experience in middle school or high school? Did it have a lasting effect on you? Do you think you learned anything positive from it?

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  • Честно говоря, как и многих в школьный период повлияло многое: развал СССР, общественно-полезный труд (походы за картошкой), посвящение в октябренка а затем и в пионеров, импорт зловещий, и т.д. Больше всего на ранеем этапе я боялся походов к стоматологу, посему до сих пор в памяти синий кабинет стоматолога, совковое оборудование (бор-машина), и врач-стоматолог в белом халате..как отпечаток млин. Уже с годами конечно же мы понимаем что такое лечение и профилактика нужна.
  • Well, I got picked on, not just behind my back, but in my face. I was told that I was a goody two shoes and that I smelled bad and that I was so ugly. I used to run into the bathroom stalls just to cry. I'd tell my mom, but that wasn't good enough it seemed. But years later, the year I was to graduate with these bullies(Yeah they were my classmates) They apologized to me. All of them. I was shocked and didn't want to accept them as my friends, but I did anyway, because that's how I was. Soft-spoken and gentle little me would still say "Overcome evil with good" and that verse from the Bible really works. They told me that they were jealous of me and that they thought I was no good and stuck up, which I'm not. I'm the total opposite. This was highschool. In middle school - it was okay. I worked hard to stay an honor student and had little friends...my brother was my friend really. haha Did it have a lasting effect? Yes, I do look back at those days and wish I had smelt better or dressed better or even acted more cool...but it really wasn't about me, it was about the jealousy. What were they so jealous about? They know I'm actually pretty and have the integrity that they never did have. So I'm now proud that I stood my ground amidst all those challenges, amidst all the tears I made God my best friend and he turned everything and everyone around to honor me.

  • Most of my entire middle school experience was hell. A group of awful and cruel girls picked on me and seemed determined to make me miserable everyday of my life. It worked. I HATED going to school most the time. Looking back I know these girls hated me cause they were jealous and cause I was not the same as them. I didn't cuss and smoke and run wild...I was the good girl. Also my BFF at the time joined up in their group and started to be like them, yet she and I stayed close somehow..they hated it that she and I were so close but I was not like them and didnt become like them and hang with their "bad news" group. 
    It didnt help when I decided to cut all my hair off in a "boy style" girl cut. I blame my mom to this day for allowing me to do it >.< Arrhhg. Already picked on + Bad hair cut = Please shoot me. I remember even once getting cornered in a hallway by these girls (who were twins..so it was like Double Evil) and cussed out and called names..while my BFF just stood there beside them..just staring. I'll never forget how I kept looking at her for support...just looking in her eyes and searching them for the person I had called my best friend since I was 8 years old. That person had slipped away somewhere...slipped away under the horrible influence of these girls...and neglectful parents whose neglect was steering her in the wrong direction *sigh*. It was not long after that we started to drift apart..as hard as I tried she was changing and our lives were taking different paths. 

    Anyway, I digress...Haha.

    Good thing is that high school was a total different experience. I had tons of friends, was fairly popular, in all the school plays, got along with everyone and had no enemies, even had a long term boyfriend through high school. These same girls would pass me in the halls and I would boldly stare them right in the eyes and THEY would look away...would not even meet my eyes. See, after making my life hell they were now the unpopular ones....Karma?

    Did it have a lasting effect on me? It sure did..I think I have always struggled with insecurity since those years. Other things factor into my insecurity issues as well but I know those years played a big role in it too. I was so picked on and made fun of that even once I reached a point in my life where I started being told I was so pretty and "beautiful" and things like that...it never sinks in, some people don't get it and act like I must be nuts for not seeing it. I always feel not good enough though and like people are looking at me and thinking bad things. Im very sensitive when it comes to anything about the way I look.

    I did learn from it too as well though. I really did, a part of me embraces those experiences cause they did help mold me. Sure they caused some insecurities naturally..yet I think they did more good in the end than bad. It taught me to care about peoples feelings...despite what I say or feel about them behind closed doors I will never sit there and try and hurt them and say cruel things. I have to be pushed VERY hard to get to a point where I will tell someone to their face what I really think of them...not because Im "afraid" but because it normally just makes me uncomfortable, I dont wanna be the one hurting someone with cruel words. If im saying things to your face that are negative...well then you have REALLY pushed me to that point and upset me. Cause in general I am a very sweet and caring person. Like...do I think, say, Britney Spears is very untalented, nasty, and just UHG? Yes I do. Would I say this to her face? No, of course not..cause I would not wanna be mean...im just not that type of person. The whole "say what you think to my face, not behind my back" thing? Well...I think that some things are better not said to people... when its not nesassry. Sometimes it is.

    So yeah..middle school= HELL....high school= 4 wonderful years of life
    Was damaged alot..learned alot...bloomed alot...and in the end it all helped mold me. I may be pretty rough around some edges and could use some improvement in certain areas..I may have my flaws and weaknesses, but I like to think I turned out okay...even good :) 

  • My teacher told me something I handed in was "terrible." She went on for five minutes to describe how bad it was.
    I liked it.

  • My worst experience in middle school was when I was in music class and I had to sing in front of the class and I couldn't sing well that day because I was sick. I'm glad that I'm going to high school with no music classes

  • being bullied, falling in love with the biggest piece of shit that can walk on eart, being betraied by him, always mocked because i was fascinated by comics,cartoons,manga,animes and always loved them. also because i wasnt a skeleton like shaped girl. i always had some more flesh on me than all my others.

    ah yeah. that they nevere ever, tryed to let me in peace and now are responsible for my Distrut, specialy against boys.....yep...i think they transformed me in a JackAss!

  • When I was talking about my middle school dating experiences the other day, I said something to the effect of, "In middle school, the only thing I was dating was my haircut." And to be frank, it was.

    I think I have two answers for this one, and I'll start off with the more obvious. Starting around age 8, I was a terror when it came to dealing with my hair. My mom, in typical mother fashion, would obsess over it with brushes, fingers and hairdryers. For most of fourth and fifth grade, I opted to simply pull it back into a half-ponytail deal. You know, the one that would make you look like a hershey's kiss if you had brown hair. So essentially, I looked like an awkward piece of chocolate from ages 8-11. Anyway, when I got to sixth grade, my mom suggested that a haircut was in order, and I agreed. We went to the hairdresser's, and she actually gave me a nice haircut. I approved, and it sort of ushered in sixth and seventh grade. The summer of seventh grade was when it all happened. My hair was getting long (keep in mind that it was at a reasonable length at this time), so I went to the hairdresser's to get it cut. I'm not sure in what world "I just want a little trim" means "I want the Jim Carey", but it happened, and I spent eight and ninth grade looking like a well-groomed mushroom. I'd say that the haircut fiasco of '05 was my worst memory. I suppose it had a lasting effect, because when I look back, I cringe. But, I don't know that I really obsessed over it at the time, and I don't know that I cared very much about it. So aside from the grimacing that I do when middle school pictures go around, I'd have to say it is more a laughing point than anything.

    In kindergarten, our teacher, Mrs. Hobbs, had this tacky substance that you could use to stick posters to the wall without tape. I asked her one day what it was called, and she responded, 'Mountin' Putty'. I later realized that Mrs. Hobbs was just being lazy about her suffixes, but I called it Mountain Putty for all of my elementary schooling. This mountain putty was something that the gods themselves sent down to us, and at age 4, I had to have it. So, I slithered around my classroom searching for the ultimate office supply. Little by little, I would surreptitiously take pieces of the putty from behind the posters, and bring them home for hours of enjoyment. Ever perceptive, my mother caught on to this rather quickly, and questioned me about where I got it. Thinking quickly, I said that it came from Mrs. Hobbs, and that she had a machine that produced it. Essentially, this is the first time I ever remember consciously lying to my mother. Even at four years old, I was racked with guilt, and I think I confessed this lie to her fairly recently, still assuming that she bought my quick-witted lie. It had an effect on me more than the traumatizing haircut, and even now, I'm the worst liar there is. As far as learning goes, I never learned to lie, so I'd have to say no. 

  • Alright, so, my experience from first through fourth grade have to had made my entire opinion on school as strong as it is now. It sucks and teachers are the biggest assholes in the world. I just hate everything it is. It's like "they're saying without this, you'll never learn or be anything." Fuck dat shit. I feel that you can learn more on your own when you search for it than if someone teaches it to you. Just my opinion.

  • the worst moment in high school was when i made out with one of my friends boyfriend that who i was also friends a good number of times
    it really didnt have a lasting effect on me becuz technically it wasnt my fault
    i did learn somethin positive from it: dont do it again its not worth losin friends

  • In middle school, my worst experience was losing my so-called best friends. Suddenly in seventh grade, they began hanging out more with other people, probably because I was kinda weird and they probably thought I was embarrassing to be with. It still hurts a lot. I went into high school with no one. It especially hurt seeing one of them in the halls all the time. She wouldn't believe how much I've changed since then. Not that I'm any less weird, but just in general.

    I just finished sophomore year, and so far the worst thing that has happened is my very first real heartbreak. It's a LONG story (which I have posted in my journal), but basically, I liked this one guy, he liked me as a friend, I messed up any relationship we had, he began blowing me off, I tried fixing it, he said we were still friends, he kept blowing me off, a friend of mine told me he said bad things about me, his best friend said he doesn't dislike me and just doesn't like me back, I'm just confused and heartbroken right now. I just wish I could see him again one last time. I promise I will play it cool and not go off on him if I get to. ;_;
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