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Overcoming Obstacles

What’s the most dangerous or frightening thing you’ve faced in your life? How did you overcome it?

Answers (149)

  • Learning daily how to overcome the enemy of my soul. He is tenacious and unrelenting, but he has far underestimated the Power that is at work within me. Every weapon formed against me will fail.

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  • The most frightening thing I've ever faced in my life would have to be my hopistalization for double pneumonia. I didn't personally overcome it, I would've given up had I been given the choice. Thanks to some really good doctors and even better friends I was able to recover quickly.

    Most dangerous thing I've ever faced in my life? Years of hard drug use led me down many dangerous paths. Nights spent sleeping in parking lots, drinking opened alcoholic beverages, being around dangerous people...a lot of stupidity.

  • I think it was when me && my mom got into a wreck and it was my first time soo everyday that we pass by that place I get scared...I havent overcame it yet but sooner or later I will.

  • One of the most dangerous or frightening things I've ever faced in my life... is something I am facing right now. 

    I am bisexual, and I am going to be coming out to some of my family and friends this summer. I am so afraid of how my family is going to react to finding out that I am not who they assume I am. I love my family so much and I am sick of lying to them about who I am. I am sick of pretending that I am going to marry a man someday when I might find that my soulmate is a woman... I don't want to be tossed aside by my family because I am not who they wanted me to be. 

    This situation will always be something that is dangerous because, if I meet someone that really doesn't like that I have this sexual orientation, I could be beat, raped, or even killed for being who I am. I have already had to have one of those, I would rather not "rinse and repeat" the situation or live through one of the others.

    Lets hope things go well this summer!!! 

  • The most frightening thing, that happened to me recently?

    Probably when my friend, Ashley, fainted.

    She has POTs && Tachycardia.  So my friend Brittany, and I, were draggin Ashley to the nurse one day.  Then, without warning, Ashley fainted.

    I started to panick, and then the rational side of me - the side that wants to go ontp medicine, ran into the main hall.  I saw a teacher, and screamed at him to get the nurse.  I then went to Ashley's side, and took her heart rate, and checked her temperature.  Then the nurse came, and I panicked so much.

    I went outside for a cigarette, once I saw the Gold Cross trucks.

    But, Ashley thanked me later on.

    She was OK.

    It was just really scary.

  • Unrequited Love

  • Erm, having anxiety disorder there are a lot of things I can't do, such as speaking in front of people, it is a phobia, I am working to get over this though.

    What people don't understand about anxiety disorder is actually how anxious a sufferer can get, and that some days even turning up for things can be an achievement in itself. I struggle everyday to get to places i need to be, something that no one, including myself seems to realise.

  • This one time (Bill was there) when I got hit on by a Vogon female. Even worse, she kind of had the Innsmouth look, too. I still have emotional (and retinal) scars from it; it was a Gross Encounter of the Worst Kind.
  • I don't have the courage to go sky diving. I don't think I'll ever get the courage to do anything like that. I don't know how anybody gets the courage to attempt sky diving. It's so crazy and dangerous to attempt something like that. I wonder if there is a certain type of person or a certain type of mind that would actually consider sky diving normal and exciting. There are just too many possiblities for problems such as what happens if the parachute doesn't open. You can't just casually step aside to fix the parachute. You're pretty much screwed. That's the part of sky diving that scares me the most.

  • The most frightening thing was the experience of being abandoned by my dad. I wouldn't want to feel that again even if at that time, my dad didn't mean to make me feel like that. It was an indescribable feeling, you get all anxious, panicked, worried and frightened. You feel like you're alone in this world without a lifeline or support.
    I overcame it by talking, we needed some closure and closure we got. 
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