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Writer's Block

My Mythical Creature

If you could have any mythical creature as a pet, what sort of creature would you choose and what special powers would it have?

Answers (207)

  • A dog with wings that can speak
  • A luck dragon. GO FALCOR! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! (Cue instrumental music). WHEEEEE! YEAH! ...That or a certain bird creature from the novel I wrote.
  • I'd have an Archeopteryx, or a troll from the movie Troll.
  • I'll pass on having a mythical creature as a pet — can you imagine the vet bills?
  • Thomas:Whichever one you want with all the powers in the world. Lauren:A Fairlyoddparent

  • I personally think that it would be rude to own a mythical creature.

    I would love to befriend almost any of them, but owning them would really just be degrading, and because they are mythical, they would have some kind of magical power to give you bad luck or something. If you had one as a friend, you'd have a pal to hang out with and help you out. You could have an escape from your real life and an entrance into a life of fantasy...

    But I guess I already have that as I am a writer.  :Dbut only sometimes-

  • Talking  airedale terrier.
  • Dude! That's be so awesome. I have always wanted a dragon. He would be a blueish green dragon that could blow fire!!! Yeah so cool! Then I could fly everywhere with him and yeah it would be cool. People would be scared at first but I'd tell them not to worry!

  • Oh my goodness, this is such a difficult question!! :O My first thought was a unicorn, since I think they're such beautiful creatures. :)  I guess it'd fly? See, I considered a Hippogriff, but I have bird phobia & they're like massive birds, sooo maybe not, haha :/ You know what I would love though...a pygmy puff!! :D Because they're so freaking adorable. And they're known to sing on Boxing Day. ;) I mean, that's one awesome power in itself!

  • a dragon or a pixie/fairy. if it were a pixie/fairy, it´d be able to turn into a large size so i can ride it :))

    if a dragon.. hmmmm.. it can give me its mindreading powers ;b

    ps: my annoying uncle just annoyed me. AGAIN ._.

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