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Bombshell alert!

If you find out that a celebrity you admire has been cheated on by her/his partner, do you typically root for them to reconcile or split up? If they have kids together, how does that affect your opinion?

Answers (230)

  • break up, duh. or at least keep him on a leash and tie him to the bed post.
    he cheated!! he sooooooooo deserves it!!
  • If anybody cheats on anyone. I think it's a sure fire way to say it's over, especially if you have kids.  You see, if someone has the urge to cheat on someone, there is obviously  some part of them that has to go out and fulfill a need that you can't fill.  If you have kids? It should make the whole answer to that situation a lot more clear. When someone cheats, there is no trust. So how are you supposed to trust someone with your kids, when your afraid that some other hoochie  momma is over there while your gone, with your own children.   After anyone cheats, you should through them out like a used napkin...Then go cry in a dark corner after they are gone. You shouldn't love someone if they took your love and threw it back at you, and  just decided to go out and get another piece of meat, and if they didn't cheat on you physically and you find out that there is someone else in the equation. That is basically a given right to throw all their crap that isn't useful to you out, and keep the rest. (if anything that reminds you of them doesn't make you want to rip your heart out.) Otherwise shove them out the door, and when they try to tell you a bunch of lies just to get back in. Shut the door in their face, and hope that they were standing close enough to the door to break their nose.  No matter who you are, and no matter what you did (except cheat, because that would just make you a hypocrite) they shouldn't do something like that. No one has the right to take love an abuse it like that. Love should be a gift, and if they don't treat it like one. Then they aren't the person you should be giving it to. 

  • I would root for them to split up. Its only fair to the celebrity since he/she has been cheated on!

    Even if they had kids together it wouldn't change my opinion. I would feel even more that they should split up, but the celebrity getting the custody of their children. I wouldn't recommend them to reconcile, how could the celebrity trust his/her partner after what he/she has done? Its too much in my point of view. Loyalty and trust is the most important in a relationship.
  • The personal lives of celebrities is NOT the business of the general public. It irritates the fuck out of me when I hear/read people gossip about these sorts of things, and to know that the paparazzi chase these people down. Just because the end product of their work (movies, music, etc.) is an entertainment form for us doesn't mean these PEOPLE lose their rights to privacy. What about the folks involved in making your home? You enjoy your home, don't you? Why not get all up in their business? I really could go for punching society in the face right now.

  • Нет, меня мало интересует личная жизнь знаменитостей, даже любимых).
  • Абсолютно безразлично.

  • плевать

  • Why the fuck does any of this matter?
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