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Writer's Block

Deck the Halls!

How do you decorate for the holidays?

Answers (27)

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  • I put the tree up and the decorations on the mantal over my fire place out.
  • I used to help my parents decorate at their house, but we haven't really done any decorating yet for this house.  We don't even have our tree up yet!  So, the short answer is, I DON'T KNOW.
  • I always have a string of Christmas lights hanging in my room with my Star Trek ornaments hanging. Otherwise, I tape up my received Christmas cards around my room's doorway and in a few other places if the doorway gets filled up.
  • We used to put up a tree (fake, because I hate the idea of cutting down a perfectly good tree just to use as a temporary decoration) and string lights outside. Well, we have cats, so the tree proved to be less than wise, and between the electricity bill and the physical stamina needed for putting up lights, we no longer decorate.
  • I do only when my significant other tells me I have too XD I would actually not mind having a series of boxes labeled for the seasons/holidays that I can bring out and change the knick-knacks in the living room with every couple of months. Change can be good, and who knows, it may prompt me to dust more then twice a year (lol).
  • Oh, I'm secular and don't decorate.
  • I hang two glass ornaments that belonged to my Mam-maw. We do not have a tree so I hung them on a picture of my mother. I also put out a white dove holding a ribbon in its mouth. It came off of some flowers at my Mam-maw's funeral. 

    I hang the Yule cards near the pantry and other than that....we do not other decorating. 

    Although....we are going to make cookies with Lakota and decorate them this weekend.
  • My mother has nearly thirty crates full of junk in her attic that she goes bat shit insane over.  She totally rearranges her house, moving furniture and making room for things like a ceramic "Christmas Village", which has grown so large it requires it's own room to to display.

    In protest, I barely do anything.  I do decorate myself with wacky or obnoxiously loud outfits, though.  To make it fun?  I dunno. 

    I sorta decorated the office last week.  I just threw some gold garland and red lights around the room.  The five second holiday.
  • How do I decorate for the holidays? I don't. I avoid it at all possible costs. I've realized that if I don't help in putting up the decorations, I don't have to help take them down come sometime mid-July when everyone's sick and tired of seeing them :)

    Now, I'm sick. Going to bed. This just made me smile :)
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