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Another country

Do you have good friends from other countries that you've met on LiveJournal? Have you ever met them in person? If not, do you think you ever will?

Answers (374)

  • Пока нет :)) Есть много друзей-иностранцев,но не из виртуального общения :)

  •  Ведь так и нет ниодного инострана-блин,ну кто нить ,хоть болгарин напишите мне!!!!!
  • ! he lives in Holland! I wish I could meet him in person. Also I have several Canadian friends.

  • Because of Tokio Hotel, I know people from ALL over the place...just around the corner, Hamilton, Toronto, Nova Scotia, BC, Saskatchewan, Germany, US, Italy, Portugal, Trinidad & Tobago... everywhere :D
    I love it! Even though I may not be able to see them, ever, a lot of them are my pretty close friends :)

  • Yes I have, and we're good friends now - but that's the problem. Over times, things can change. Knowing that, I doubt we'll still be as close in the future than as we are now. It's already hard to stay in touch and communicate via phone or AIM, so to meet them in person would be unlikely.

    We have not met, but we usually webcam and such.

  • Yes :D!

    No.... :(

    Most likely :D!!!

  • Yes, a couple of great friends from Estonia and Canada.

  • I would love to make some friends in other countries! I just started on LiveJournal.  I have friends in other countries now.  Unfortunately I have yet to travel internationally (SAD)  I have never even been on a plane! So now I am trying to get passports for myself and family so we can travel SOON! ANYONE WANT TO BUY MY PASSPORT? LOL

  • I do not not have a friend on LiveJournal from another country, however I do have a friend, my best friend, who I meet online on another website, who lives in England. He read a story I posted and loved it. He started talking to me and helped edit my stories. He asked for advise about how to deal with thinking he was bisexual, and then realizing he was gay, and later on how to tell his friends and family. He and I have become best friends and know each other better then our friends that we see every day know about us.

    I have not met him in person yet however I want to. I am determined to meet him within the next year. If I don't get to before hand then I want him to come to my college graduation next May.
  • Yes! I met some of them at Yaoi Con a couple years back... from another country, and are delightful! I'm not sure who all was from where, so these two were the two I'm sure about. XD confirmed for me that she also is from another country! Yay! I met so many awesome people! But I have many more friends from other countries on LJ! , and , just to name a few. I have a terrible case of not knowing where everyone is from, but I <3 all my LJ friends no matter where they live. ^.^ Living in my country has definitely never been a requirement to be a good friend of mine.
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