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Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

Answers (878)

  • нет не даю имена ведь это простой кусок железа который должен возить людей! http://megalubov.ru

  • I had a Chrysler LeBaron once.  I used to called it The Brown Baron, or simply The Baron.

    Yeah, I know, I'm not very creative in the vehicle naming department.

  • White Saturn: Hotaru

    Red Plymouth Sundance: Mushu (was in the proccess of getting dragon motif too)

    White... car (can't remember make/model): Christine (her horn was broken and went off randomly)

    Green Buick Skylark: Green Lantern

    and why every time I try to type Skylark do my fingers decide they want to type Skywarp instead?

  • my car's name is battinx...originally it was given this name because my nickname throughout my friends was batman and the interior was decorated in Tinkerbell stuff. Then there was the fact that my car was blue. Then one of my many dirty minded friends showed me that battinx could be referring to a specific part of batman. So...the definition is up to the interpreter but i love Battinx no matter what.

  • Oh jeeze. Here we go. And no, they're not all mine. My family's been naming cars for a long time.
    There's been:
    Dam (the combined form of Derek and Sam...because my Dad is a genius. xD),
    The Hoverbus or Clown Car (Mazda Miata...heh),
    and the newest is Ralph. We haven't named my Mom's Mazda Tribute or the Big Honkin' Chevy Van for some reason; my Dad just usually calls them The Truck and That Piece of Crap Van anyway. :3

  • I give my car name as "Red Baby" as his metallic red color make him so attracting...hehe

  • My current car - my first car, a dark green Saturn - I call Chitty, after CCBB in the movie. I just called her that on a whim one day, and it's kinda just stuck in the family. I like it.

  • My favorites were Bubbie, Tornado, and Max. 

  • ласточка естессно)
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