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I'm the taxman, yeah!

How do you feel about the existing tax structure where you live? Do you believe individual income tax is the best way to raise funds or are there better alternatives?

Answers (239)

  • Это просто обдираловка проживающих людей в России.Государство и без этих налогов зарабатывает нормально.

  • Individual taxes are a good idea, but should be tampered by reason. Those who earn more should pay more and those who earn anywhere near the minimum wage should pay a lot less than we do. Under average salaries should pay less too.

    Obscene profiteering from bankers, senior council members and oil companies should be taxed at 50% or higher and the resulting money given to the lower paid in tax breaks.

    Too much tax is paid on petrol (our public transport system is shit so a car is hardly a luxury!). Also it must have been a man who thought up the idea of VAT on sanitary products. They're hardly a luxury, either!

  • It is deeply unjust to punish the rich for being rich. The state should REWARD them for being rich instead! Grr.
  • Eh... tax is necessary to fund a nation and city/state programs, so am not against it. What pisses me off is that in 2001 and 2003, congress passed bills that made anyone who makes more than $250,000 a year tax exempt. This does not make me happy; obviously this is another method of making the poor poorer and the rich richer. Tis an ugly aspect in the United States, but it has been going on since the creation of nation. Income tax should be on EVERYBODY, not just the lower-middle class and the poor. There most likely is a better alternative, but I doubt anyone would be willing to volunteer enough manpower to keep the nation going without taxation.

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  • сейчас только глупый положит перед собой свои деньги и будет ими любоваться. не надо забирать у простых смертных деньги, они их всё равно потратят на что-то, и тем самым поддержат производителя, это помойму лучше, чем эти деньги пойдут на благоустройство здания налоговой службы

  • This is a huge issue for me, I've such a beef with how it works on all levels. I think that all individual income taxes should come with a form at tax time where 50% of the tax money you pay in gets assigned by you in this form to the areas of the government that you want your money to go to. The other half pays for the other stuff like operating costs. There's so much money just wasted they cannot justify not being able to play by the 50% rule. Your forms are your receipts and can be used to track how the money is spent.
    Municipal taxes are also misused...I want a receipt from them telling me exactly what the hell I've paid for because If I don't like it, or don't use it then I want my money back.
    They keep wanting to tax everyone to death well we have to demand total accountability.
  • I like to view taxation as a "necessary evil." Evil, because no one wants to have to give up their hard-earned money, yeah? But at the same time, it's a necessity: if you want the government to do anything, they're going to need some way of earning money. Roads, public schools--the only way we can have these priviledges is if someone pays for them. And if there's no taxation, the government cannot do so, meaning that, for example, all schools would need to be private, and thus cost money to enroll in. To which some might say, "If we're not taxed, then we can afford to pay for tuition." But, to be quite honest, people would then probably whine about having to pay for tuition. And since the tuition rates would be privately controlled, the schools could charge whatever they pleased--although ideally in the spirit of competition, since every school would be private, they'd try to keep costs relatively low to attract families. It's been a while since I've had an economics class, so most of this was coming from a philosophical level. But hey. As for individual income taxes . . . I'd need to do a bit of research on the different existing tax systems before coming to a conclusion on that issue.

  • ironically, was discussing this in my philosophy revision the other day.
    tax is wrong.
    ask nozick :D
  • Нормальный способ, не хуже других
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