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What is your earliest vivid memory? Why do you think this memory stands out so much in your mind?

Answers (597)

  • Oh! I remember when I was three, and I was just walking near our wooden divider. I remember that scene so well. Oh, and I also remember sleeping time in our Nursery class. I really didn't sleep, but it was just a comfy time, with all the lights off and all.  I think these memories stand out because, they're just happy moments. Maybe moments I was proud of myself, or something like that.

  • Мне не больше 8ми месяцев. Смотрю на свою кровать, а среди прутьев торчит нос утки. Страшный такой. Ещё немного и съест.
    Потом спустя много лет нашла в архиве старую фотографию, где я маленькая, стою около той самой кровати, с ужасно испуганным видом, а из кровати в кадр смотрит никакая не утка, а просто кусок полиэтилена, сложенный в форме треугольника, собсно, который я и приняла за "утячий" нос.
    Почему оно так запало в память? Ну так, господа, страшно было, страшно.

    А что касается воспоминания поотчетливее и посерьезнее [думала, о нём написать сначала] - это я иду по полю, на дворе лето-лето, очень жаркое. Лет мне было ну очень мало, наверное около 4. Спереди по тропинке идёт мама, а сзади какой-то знакомый, по имени Юрий Юрич. И вдруг я вижу  цветок, и в голове полетели мысли "Какой красивый...Необычный....Раньше такого не видела, у него лепестки острые, в серединке пушисто...И он один, других таких больше нет! Надо маме показать!" И в этот момент я слышу голос Юрия Юрича над головой: "Это цветок! ЦВЕ-ТОК! "
    И помню прилив обиды в моей маленькой детской голове: "Что пристал...Будто я не знаю, что это цветок. Странный дядька..."
    И так что, уважаемые...Если маленький ребенок не говорит - это не означает, что он ничего не понимает и не слышит. Будьте осторожнее, он многое запоминает, а потом будет мстить... :)
    Сама обожглась со своей племянницей на этом. Она помнит многое. Потом, вероятно, забудет некоторые факты, но...
    Мораль: слово не воробей, дети не идиоты :)

  • Отчётливое воспоминание? хммм... насколько помню было это дело в детЦком саDу =)
    Помню, гуляли... во дворике детЦкого саDа..., мы с моей тогдашней девушкой (Дашенька) бегали по территории и ЖЖужалиц собирали в коробок. Тогда казались они нам, такими огромными и чёрноглянцевыми с крепкими туловищами созданиями =) 

  • When I crashed my parent's black car at age two. Don't ask.

  • I remember that when I was 2 I fell in a hole in my backyard and broke my arm.
    I got a Barney cast that was purple and green.

  • Давно для себя пытаюсь ответить на этот вопрос. И всегда в памяти встает та картинка, раньше которой себя не помню. Мама впервые приводит меня в ясли. Кто-то, наверное воспитательница, ведет меня показывать умывальники. Довольно большая комната, а посередине - вешалка для полотенец - большое кольцо. И вот это большое кольцо с белыми вафельными полотенцами по кругу почему-то врезалось мне в память на всю жизнь.

  • The earliest vivd memory i had was when i was in a dark room and there was a spotlight coming down the celiing, revealing a golden white chair... it was so beautiful and i sat down... my mood was very pensive and noticed a bunny next to my leg... i piccked it up and pet it lightly... it slowly disappeared from my arms and saw a dark figure showing up in front of me... it was my crush from 6th grade... i gasped and then he sat down next to me in a similar white golden chair... he held my hand and all of a sudden, the bunny reappeared in his arms and left it on my lap... he got up and faded away into the drakness...

    this memory reminded me of how i long forgotten my crush and how there was this burden in my heart that i won't forget him, even though he forgot about me... i moved on and started liking someone else, but thre is some feeling that i shouldn't forget about him...

  • The Northridge earthquake in '93. I was eighteen days over my first birthday, so I'm preeeetty sure it's my earliest memory. :/ I have a hard time discerning reality from fantasy, but I know I remember this.

    It's probably stuck with me for so long since it was just so weird. I mean, all my neighbors were awake and outside in the middle of the night when it was still dark out. Our townhouses were even swaying from side to side. I remember looking around and noticing everything was moving. My parents left me with my -almost- ten year old sister to go fetch blankets and other crud. I asked about our two kitties and my sister replied that they would be fine and just hide under the beds.

    It was all pretty surreal.

    I seemed to understand it was an earthquake back then. Either that or at some point I had asked and someone--most likely my sister--told me. We spent like, three days at my grandparents after that, but the only things I actually remember were looking out at the pool and seeing the water move with the aftershocks, the power being out, and my grandma walking me up and down the cul de sac in my stroller to get me to sleep. That, and a LOT of stuff being all over the place having fallen down when the quake hit.

    I even remember the inspectors coming out to see the damages the house went though (that was some time after, and we were at my own house by then). It just seemed relevant enough to mention. C:

  • My earliest vivid memory is playing Rounders as a little girl out at Faire. I think I was three, I was up to bat and one of the players came over to help me. We hit the ball 6 inches in front of us (still counts in Rounders), he picked me up and ran to the first Sanctuary :)
  • I'm not sure which one comes first... I remember crashing into a snow ditch while on a little (yellow?) sled in Wisconsin. Also remember playing with a bunch of random wooden toys in an understair cubby. There were some of those Russian dolls -- the kind that have progressively smaller versions of themselves inside. Wild strawberries on the side of the rode. Little pale inch worms in the raspberries we picked. Grandpa hiding our first kittens up his pajama sleeves. I think it was a blue asian print pajama/robe. (Saw this in a video years ago, too. Probably kept the memory fresh.) Standing by the window upstairs in Grandma's yellow house, listening to the wind howl through the cracks. I loved that sound even then. I remember there was a dresser (with a mirror on it?) in the corner of the room, between the two walls with windows. I had a nifty spinner toy in the dresser. I can picture the toy almost perfectly, but I'm at a loss as to how to describe it. It was elongated, the center consisting of a metal wire twisted around itself to form a loop at the bottom. The twisting created a mini spiral path for connected thin plastic ribbons to travel up+down while going around. Pushing the connective pieces up caused the silver ribbons to spin around and bunch up. It would spiral back down when you let go. ---(Outside of/after Wisconsin...) Going to kids choir practice taught by a lady who was horribly allergic to cats but had a bunch anyway. (I was old enough to know what a uterus was for this memory, though. Because I remember being told she had hers removed.) There was also a girl at choir that I was friends with. I spelled her name "July" even though it was Julie. She had flavoured chapstick in her room. I think I ate most of it. Scot lost on of his hot wheels cars on the beach in Florida (?). There were bunk beds and a spiral staircase in the house we were staying at.
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