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Let's stay friends

Do you stay in touch with your former romantic partners? Have most of your break-ups been amicable or messy?

Answers (451)

  • No , I very rarely stay in touch with old flames . Usually when I see them they are with their new girlfriend and  "cant " talk . Fuck that ! Once I move on , thats it , I dont like going backwards . Repeating mistakes . But if they want to keep it civil , cool .

  • Well, as far as my exes go, they weren't amicable, but since I've never had a kid with them, they can't be forced, and they weren't messy. Bitter, yes. Messy, no.

  • чаще без сцен.
    терять человека полностью плохо.
    надо стараться поддерживать отношения

  • Поддерживал и очень долго. Но этот человек все больше боли причинял. Теперь стараюсь не думать о ней, хотя понимаю, что все еще что-то есть внутри.
  • ИСтерики! Да, с первым бывшим общаюсь уже, спустя три года, как друг =)) А со вторым пока нет =) Но думаю, пройдет меньше времени, чем три года =))

  • Yeah, i think he's an awesome person to be friends with and he still means a lot to me.
    I hope he reads this one day and realises who wrote it =)

  • I'm pleading the Fifth Amendment here!

  • It all really depends on which person it is.  I mean if we both agreed that we were better off as friends in the first place then there's no tension afterwards, but if both of us still have feelings for each other and feel that it ended on a bad note then its practically impossible.  Sometimes its just easier to say goodbye forever.

  • Лучше никогда не поддерживать...освобождает от плохих воспоминаний. Бывшие - это страничка твоей жизни, которую ты перевернул. не нужно к ней возвращаться...
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