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How long can you survive without mobile or Internet access before you break into cold sweats?

Answers (389)

  • a few hours or can't survive at all
  • Decades? I'm a geek. I love the internet. I've been on it since 1987 (yes, I've sent "bang" address mail). When I'm not connected, I miss having wikipedia and am less effective at work. But how long I could survive without it without losing it? *snicker*snort* Let's be real here, people.
  • An hour, maybe. Probably less. :\

  • Hmm, well my computer has PMS about three times a month, and does not let me on the internet, so i desperatly use my moms, like right now to check email and LJ, but I NEED my internet, if nothing else to feed my fanfiction addiction.

  • I could not have stumbled across a better question to have to answer..

    My job is owning and running BlackBerry Motion. 98% of my work is online. The same amount of work/time is spent with the use of my BlackBerry smartphone. I can NOT live without my BlackBerry or the internet, I may be able to go without one or the other for a short amount of time, but that time is VERY VERY short....as in hours.
    There was a time that I had a device needing to be returned, which was unusable. I did have the internet at home, however it was not the same. I remember biting my fingernails, pacing the floor waiting for the delivery truck, tapping my feet, driving everyone on and offline nuts!!
    I have managed to deal with it better over the years, finding ways to pass the time in the event that something happens to either. Yet I still break out with cold sweats and the shakes if I am without my beloved BlackBerry.

  • 2 - 3 days if I am lucky
  • It really pains me how so many people are dependent on cell phones and the internet. I could go years without a telephone. As long as I have a pen, notebook, and library, I could go weeks without the internet. I might spend a lot of time online, but that's mostly due to boredom and convenience. The kids that I have been teaching cannot live without their cell phones. They pull the phones out every two minutes to check their texts and missed calls. They throw fits if they are told to put them away. They would rather be sent down to ISS than give their phone up to the teacher for the remainder of the period. They will throw punches at any teacher who attempts to grab a phone away from them in the middle of a call. My students simply don't know how to function without phones. They can't even do simple math without their calculators, or spell two-syllable words without the spell checker. The instant gratification that phones give them prevents any of these kids from actually taking the time to think for themselves. :-/
  • I use my cell as my main means of communication - so I could not go too long without it - or I would be cutoff from *all*. There are times that I would not mind that! *grin* As for the internet, I have gone for weeks and given it not a thought. But when it is in front of me, I'm almost a constant participant!! I suppose I am a creature of not only habit, but immediate availability! Take my electricity - I'll enjoy an outdoor fire! Take my internet - I play outside!

  • Bah since i got enough free time,let's do another entry

    Honestly,i can make do without a phone now that my cell phone has a cracked screen that you can barely see half the screen.I dont call people as much as i did,only to the ones that are out of the city like Hitaru (to check up on her),Taty,George,Yvonne and even then for something important like checking if they're heading into town and so on.And with a phone that doesnt have texting,forget about it,it's a waste of time really.

    Now internet,now that i need,it's like crack,you just gotta have it.The most i'll ever go without internet is a few days and that's just to dick around with checking on emails,twitter and talking to friends all over the world,again like Hitaru,Taty,Sora,etc. The most i've gone without internet is a month,and that just completly sucked so much,it wasnt even funny,if that's Hell,i dont wanna go there T_T

  • i cant really last a day more like a hour or 3 but the only reason is cuz i have friends i love to text with. lol
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