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Do certain items of clothing remind you of people or events from your past? If so, what garment reminds you of a particularly happy memory?

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  • Yes, I guess. Well, I can't remember any article of clothing that reminded me of happy moments. I remember sad ones , though. Oh, my uniform reminds me of both! I've been in good, and tough times with my set of uniforms, so that makes me think that somehow, they are on my side.

    Oh, I remember some now. My high cut Converse-like boots from Shubizz (It's a weird brand name!) remind me of the times I was in elementary, and I wore those one time, and my classmates were all teasing me, saying, I looked like a boxer. But I was still thinking "Meh. Hit me, I'll box you. You call me a boxer eh?" And  I also remember I wore those shoes on this date I had with my BFF, well, that was the day I discovered J-Pop.

    Every piece of clothing I have that I wore on my dates with my BFF makes me very happy, because I don't really see her often, and I really love her.

  • My Father's overcoat

  • I have two: - a tshirt from 2003, where I spent two weeks with a travel group at Corse. We all signed tshirts for the others, that's where I got mine from. It was a great holiday, great people, fun, warm, everything was great : ) - a tshirt from 2009 when I spent 10 days with my classmates in Spain. I bought an exact replica of a tshirt I bought at the very same shop five years earlier, depicting, who else, Kurt Cobain. It reminds me of this wonderful week, with M and all the others... I'll never forget that : )
  • конечно

  • anybody wanna fuck

  • Да, его рубашка о бурном романе, платье в крупный горох о доброй дружбе с мальчишкой, который целовал меня в щеку и мы сбегали смотреть на закат в оздоровительном лагере :))) 
  • I still have the same blouse and skirt that I wore the first time I met my boyfriend's father and step-mother. I just remember I was so nervous because he'd invited me to a high tea that his step-mother was hosting to celebrate his father's elevation through the ranks of the church (my boyfriend's father is a pastor). I'd never been to a tea before and had no idea what I should wear. My mother helped me pick out my outfit and his step-mother liked it. We all get along great and, looking back on it, I don't know what I was so nervous about but I still have those clothes. When it gets to a point where they don't fit anymore or something, I'll probably cut a scrap from each just to save as a memento.

  • Да, футболка любимого с которой  ехала на серезную операцию....было приятно и очень свободно что любимая футболка мужа на мне

  • My sports bra. I can't explain why, but the only people it matters that they know, know the situation. :D
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