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Destined for greatness

Do you believe that a higher power controls our fate or that we choose our own destinies?

Answers (1116)

  • Моё мнение: что-то есть, главное это сам! Ты сам выбираешь куда пойти и что делать! А вот в случае с лотереей или тому подобное-это судьба!!!


  • I see no contradiction in both. There are higher powers, but the nature of control is such that it may depend upon "free will".

  • I think that ultimately, it's better if we don't know.

  • It was either predestination or it was the product of a time traveler (The same female time traveler who appeared in that Charlie Chaplin film from 1928).  Whatever the case may be, Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael Smith, who took over the James Bond series from Albert Broccoli, knew that Nuclear War I was going to start December 2010.  They knew that Kim Jung Il was going to invade North Korea, bomb innocent North Korean islands and start a thermal nuclear holocaust.  That's why they made the James Bond film Die Another Day.  Gustav Graves and Kim Jung Il was supposed to be the same exact person.  Die Another Day wasn't fiction.  Die Another Day was the non-fiction account about how Kim Jung Il invasion of innocent North Korean islands ended up producing Nuclear War I.  
    Barbara Brocolli and Michael Smith wanted to cash in on the post Nuclear War I craze before it happened.  All the need is an angry man to get the rest of the story started.  Oh no, nuclear bombs from South Korea is already heading towards Cleveland, Ohio.  Everybody is going to die in a thermal nuclear holocaust.  Run and hide everybody.  The end of the world has arrived.  Bang.  Crash.  Kaboom.  Everybody starts to scream in terror as a mushroom cloud devours Cleveland, Ohio and leaves nobody left alive.  Roll the closing credits.  The show is over. 

  • конечно же сами) 

  • I somehow believe that there is a higher power that controls over our fate. If two person are fated for each other, than no matter what they do, they'll still end up being together. If they are not, no matter how hard they try, they will end up parting away.
  • Всё в наших руках, нам дана жизнь и много разных дорог... Каждый в праве выбрать свою и пройти её так как может или хочет... Я так думаю...
  • Думаю, возможно и то, и другое. Но человек может влиять на свою судьбу гораздо больше. чем он зачастую считает.
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