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If you could eliminate one emotion (anxiety, sadness, jealousy, regret, etc.), would you do it? Why or why not? If so, which one would you choose?

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  • Wasn't there an Outer Limits episode about this? Creepy man: "Man thinks that he can remove one emotion from the human being and still continue to exist. The question is, is it an existence we want?"

  • sadness , i wish for everyone to be happy :) 

  •                    If I were given a chance to eliminate any one emotion out of anxiety, sadness, jealousy, regret, then I would prefer "sadness" to be completely thrown out of one's life. I have come to this conclusion due to experiments and experiences with my own life all these years.
                        I believe "anxiety" can not be eliminated from one's life for it works as an ignition to start preparing for something extremely  important at our lives one or the other stage. It may be a routine class test in the childhood, an interview for the job, a meeting with one's prospect , or simply a date with someone special. Its because of anxiety that we gear-up our preparation level and achieve far better than what we could have in absence of this nerve-clutching emotion.

                      Further, jealosy, is an emotion most loathed by the spiritual gurus, and other accomplished personalities who teach us how to live better. Yet, I always wonder, had there been no jealousy in this world, there would not be any competition, and the world would have just become a standstill, unexciting, place to live. There is a threat of we all having lost the very purpose of living too!

                       Regret, i feel is another important emotion, which performs the duty of our good, old childhood teacher making us remember our past mistakes and punishment assigned for that. Thus keeping us away from repeating the mistakes. Its only for "regret" that we all fear repeating the old mistakes.

                       Lastly, the readers may be guessing, what I have to tell about "sadness". My own life so far, has given me enough reasons to keep aside the sadness emerged from whatsoever situation. I always realised that we do better in taking our own sadness lightly and moving on. On the other hand, if we decide to help atleast few individuals overcome their sadness, its a rewarding experience and eventually enriches our own life. So sadness -whether in our life or other's life- must be eliminated. Thus making our life more meaningful. 

  • None...dont get me wrong...it would be awesome to never feel bad. But seriously...someone who cant feel pain forever, will ultimately want to feel pain again to feel alive. I dont know if that made sense or not but i understand it so what-the-f-ever.

  •      I really do not think I would eliminate a single emotion even if I had the ability to for two reasons. One being the obvious emotions are what makes us and life in general interesting and makes us different. If everyone felt the same about everything it would lead to pretty boring conversations.
          The second reason is one people do not notice all that much. Emotions especially the "negative" are cleansing. Ever noticed that after crying for a long time or being pissed at someone for something you do not even remember you always feel much much better. I love when I get high in emotions even the ones I just do not like (embarrassment) because once I get over it I feel like a weight I did not even know I was carrying gets taken from me. =)
  • Anxiety. Hands down, no questions asked. I'd say yes and take it away in a heatbeat or less. I suffer from anxiety attacks and they're horribly stressful for me to deal with, because often times I don't even know where they are coming from. I've learned to deal with them though, you have to if you want to be able to leave your house XD

  • We all wish every single one of these emotions didn't exist... but still if we think a bit deeper than that....we would never be happy if we hadn't experienced sadness (example)....
    so  no one can appreciate the good if  bad doesn't exist.
    After all how would u define good if you didn't know bad... it would be a normal thing and u wouldn't appreciate it anymore....
    So no i wouldn't eliminate any of these emotions although it's very tempting ...

  • At first, I want to scream ANXIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But the fact is, that's selfish. It's also untrue. Without anxiety, I never would have been desperate enough to open myself up to God's presence, and let Him into my life.

    So I would probably say selfishness. This is a crippling emotion that keeps humanity from advancing. It makes people into horrible beings of Vice and Want, and prompts them to step on those less fortunate than themselves, and to destroy the environment, and the lives of others, both directly and indirectly. Without selfishness, I think the world would be a much better place.

  • rage..... i have.....anger issues i guess you could say and they can get the best of me at hte worst possible moments. i can't control it very well. and the only way i know to control is by shutting down. shutting off every emotion.... which makes it very hard to have serious emotional conversations or anyhting really. if i start getting emotional... i restort to rage instead or simply shut down. if rage didn't exist i might actually have to try to deal with things in a semi normal manner. but i'll never know....

  • If ever I could eliminate one emotion, I think, i will not allow myself to do it..why?  because even those feelings will give me negative hopes, still, these feelings make me more stronger and hopeful that evrything will going to be okay after the storm.

    Though sometimes, we people really do not want to experience again the pain that we have gone through, still, our essence is nothing in this world.  God gave us those different kinds of emotions so we can balance ourselves and to realize that every after stormy days, there is always the spring days ahead of us.
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