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Another sleepless night

Do you suffer from occasional or frequent insomnia? Do you have any special tricks or remedies? How does it impact your life?

Answers (730)

  • I read anything near or listen to my ipod
  • I stay up late, watching cable commercials about hair restoration products, not knowing that I'm actually also working a job at a movie theater where I splice pornography into Disney cartoons. Actually, if I just think of nothing and try to make my muscles completely flat and keep them from moving, that usually helps. Also, I try to think of what it's like to be dead, in the way that a dead person doesn't care about anything that was important to them in life. A dead person can just let go of everything. Even their bowels.

  • Страдаю временами, но не жалуюсь. Есть "ящик", есть Инет, есть собственные мысли
    , которым ночью просторно и легко, А еще есть работа - книга. Она медленно, но пишется...
    Будет не лень, посмотрите мой пост: "Ночь - зеркало души" в моем ЖЖ, или в "Гайдпарке"

  • _

  • yes, since my mother had a nervous breakdown and would not let us sleep for almost two months (because she insisted that we do not survive the night), I suffer from insomnia my treatment? often read much or kill me working all day ...  affect me? usually get in a bad mood, I get tired faster and sometimes I fear the night because I'm afraid that everything will repeat again

  • Well I have anxiety disorder so insomnia is a big part of that, both of these afflictions (For want of a better word) have affected me for years so I don't always notice that there is a problem straight away, particularly with insomnia, usually others notice my exhaustion before my brain accepts it, but when i notice it, its becuase I can't concentrate.

    I try to have naps during the day if i can, otherwise I take a sleeping tablet to go and attempt a decent nights sleep.

    I suppose it does affect my life in the sense of my concentration but I am that used to it that i dont notice

  • with an old worn out inclusion between alpha & omega. that & the rest (with or without sleep & or insomnia)...

  • - Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Insomnia. Uugghh, My Life Revolve's Around You. I Have Frequent Insomnia. At Time's, I'll Be Emotionally Disturbed And Start Crying Or Even Feel Sick And Vomit. Truthfully, My Only Trick Is To Listen To Quiet Music. Even If It Tend's To Bore Me, I'll Listen To It. It's One Of The Qualities That I Wish I Could Erase.
  • I actually do get occasional insomnia. It'll happen randomly for like week long spurts. Nothing too bad, though I only get 6hrs of sleep a night anyway. Yea it makes work hell the next day, and I usually go home crankier than a newborn with diaper rash, but its not too bad. I have almost no tricks to help with the actual insomnia, but getting to sleep on a regular basis I can help with.
    My first and  most used one is music. I'm not talking lullabies or anything fancy, just music. It could be whatever you like, rap, rock, heavy metal, jazz, I don't care. But if you just put something on very low and close your eyes, even if you don't actually sleep, your body will get the idea and at least rest.

    My second one is on the same track as the first which is soothing sounds. Yea I know, how corny is that! But it works for me. Now I'm not saying you need to go get one of those fancy machines that plays ocean waves and sea sounds. I went to the Dollar Tree in my area and picked up a bunch of $1 CD's that have that paired with stuff like piano, flute, and koto. I love the stuff before bedtime or in the tub. Its affordable, pretty and easy to do.

    The third is a group thing. I like to get petted to sleep. It doesn't always work, but mostly it'll do the trick. I just like the affection of someone running their hands through my hair, its nice and soothing. Rubbing my tummy also works.

    And last but certainly not least is Buffalo's all time favorite, reefer. Oh yeah, I went there. Its always such a taboo subject that people would rarely recommend it for something useful. The truth is, it works. I Get just one hit in me and in 10min I could lay down and pass right out. I don't even remember going to sleep sometimes because its such a good fulfilling sleep.
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