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My Favorite Winter Activity

What is your favorite winter activity?

Answers (182)

  • Snuggling and playing with a naked woman under blankets in a cold cabin in the woods - ok, taht's rare... how about some other cool place! or watching TV and napping after hot sex with a naked woman snuggled to me in front of the fireplace in a warm room... :)
  • *Going to NYC to see the tree and the display windows :)
    *Shopping for others! (and creating stuff :) )
    *Making cookies!!!
    *Snuggling and watching movies.
    *Ice skating.
  • Snowball fights Christmas shopping Christmas Eve services
  • It's undoubtedly the cuddles. And being in love. And hot chocolate. I hope it never goes away.
  • My favorite winter activity would have to be sledding. I have not done it in years and I have not lived in a state that has snow like Illinois. It is so exhilierating to go speeding down a hill and stopping at the end. Then I love climbing back up the hill, drinking hot chocolate, and going riding down the hill again. I love the cold air in my face and speed of rushing down the hill!!!!
  • i would definetely have to sayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy figure skating.. but that's because i am a figure skater..<33
  • When I lived in upstate New York, my favorite thing was building a snowman...now, my winters consist of opening the window and shutting off the a/c...such is the life living in Fort Lauderdale...but before anybody makes a crack about living in blizzards, consider that I have to deal with hurricanes and tropical storms LOL ...today I actually got some sun, something it is too hot to do from May-September and sometimes beyond....
  • Snow Ball fights.
  • My favorite winter activity is chucking around snowballs, and sledding, then going inside for hot chocolate and a movie while snuggling on a couch.  No hitting though... I remember a time where I had a snowball fight and ended up with a black eye.  LAME.  I won't let you all know with whom, but still... it was lame.  I haven't been sledding since before the mission... but I did have a snowball fight the other day.  lol
  • whores.
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