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Will he or won't he?

Do you believe the groundhog can accurately sense the approach of spring? Even if you don't buy it, are you happy when the little guy doesn't see his shadow?

Answers (381)

  • Я не знаю, а когда не знаешь, остается только верить

  • Yes i think hes the shit!  I dunno i dont mind either way if he sees his shadow or not!

  • Ahh 666 answers before me! I think I DON'T believe it when the little guy does see his shadow. Than I'm all game when he doesn't. Selective beliefs :P
  • I don't know. maybe he really can predict "the future," I mean, dogs and cats can predict earthquakes i think. I remember once, my dog sort of put her ears back and my cat went under the table and then.... BOOM! an earthquake.
  • i don't think he can actually tell if it's time for spring,but it is kind of a relief for me if he doesn't see his shadow, and a bummer if he does.

  • I really don't get how a little rodent is supposed to predict the weather. For gods sake, they have to sedate the thing so that it won't bite the people holding it.

  • YEAHHH!!! :D he can talk too!
  • who gives a fuck man if the groundhog can smell the spring coming. shit. what stupid question is that anyway? i 've never seen a groundhog in my life. is this it?

  • Let's just say that all that is created in this planet has special characteristics and inner skills regardless of what kind of species it is. And if you ask me why, only the power of the Holy One knows. It is indeed a marvelous work and a wonder! Equal. Magical. Miraculous. Unbelievable. Amazing.
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