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2010 Health & Fitness Goals

What are your health and fitness goals for 2010? Do you have a plan for how to achieve them?

Answers (137)

  • I have two little boys so working out is hard without childcare but I'm desperate.  I'm going to start working out at lunch.  I need to get out of the office for lunch anyway!

  • I am actually planning on starting a diet.  The diet that seemed to work well for me was the biggest loser diet plan.  You take your weight and multiply it by 7. That is the number of calories you can intake a day and still lose weight.  It worked well for me, but the only problem was being able to fund the food for this diet.  It is interesting isnt it?  The more fattening and high calorie junk is less expensive than the food that is better for you, lower in calories and non fat.  And they say the government wants a more healthy country, that we need to work harder at getting better in our fitness and food intake.  Yet in their regressed world we cant even afford to buy non fat cheese, lean cuisines, or the such, because its 3 or 4 dollars cheaper to grab that high fattening frozen food, or the dollar menu double cheeseburger. 

    Anyways back from my ranting... I am going to start a diet the end of this month.  I will post my travels through this time and let everyone know how im doing. 

  • hmmm. I feel like I need to lose weight. I'm currently 117 lbs. My weight goal, where I'll finally be completely confident with my body would be at about 105 lbs. But i don't plan to achieve this by starving myself, trust me. I couldn't do it that way if i wanted to. I recently bought a membership to the gym and have been working out there since mid January. But I kind of vary my workouts every time i go there. Treadmill, weight lifting (which is my guilty pleasure), Rowing, etc.. Currently I try to workout at least 4 times a week, but there is seriously an impediment to the plans at the moment due to the snow. 

  • I want to walk at least 2 miles a day, and train for a race of some kind. I plan to sign up for yoga classes at a local gym, because if I'm spending money I'm more likely to stick with it so to not waste my money. I pledge to spend less time wasting my time surfing the internet, and to start a better diet. I want to lose 5 to 10 pounds cause I'm a little too overweight (freshman 15). I plan to track my goals using www.joesgoals.com which has a basic online excell tracker.That's all for now.
  • This year I want to get back to training regularly three times a week and make it to at least 3 competitions this year.

  • My fitness goals for 2010 would be to workout more often.  It is good for you.  Our bodies need it to survive.  It gives us energy for our day to day activities.  If we do not workout we feel it.  We feel tired during the day.  We can not focus very well during the day.  Working out lets us burn fat that we don't need.  The fat just adds weight.  That weight is unnecessary and unhealthy.  It is better to have muscles than just fat.  We could parish if we are too fat.  Working out allows us to keep the weight down.  I enjoy working out, it's pretty cool.        

  •  I pledged to be a vegetarian for 30 days.  Pretty much a month.  Tomorrow I will complete that month! I am too happy!  I'm sticking to being a vegetarian cause it just makes your body and yourslef feel so much better.   

  • well I am trying to lose some weight..I am currently 280 lbs..at 6'2" I carry it well but would like to slim down to 250..I recently joined a gym and have been working out..also I have changed my eating habits.

  • Well, less couch potato and get more homework done, and then some exercising.

    I'd like to feel like my body isn't rejecting me when i wake up for school/work.

    my plan:
    • the tv remote disappeared from the dorm (roommate, i think - I'll talk to her one day)
    • I've got got a yoga widget on my gmail blog that i can play around with
    • a quiknotes type pamphlet for stretching
    • i do eat my fruits and veggies
    • need my teeth properly cleaned b4 sleep
    • and need to get better nap/sleep time rather than feel like i'm about to fall asleep in class

    this should help!
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