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Between the slices

What's your favorite sandwich? Do you make it yourself or go somewhere special to buy it? What's in it?!

Answers (785)

  • Горбушка черного хлеба, укроп и масло
    И помидор бычье сердце.
    Гастрономический оргазм

  • Salo. Just salted salo. Ideally - freezed slice of salo.  Whith a piece of  black broad. You can add some garlick. No more.
    No 'fat". No "cholesterin". Pure salo. Ideally - salo must be "made in Ukraine".
    You can make it yourself!
    P.S.: as some "add-on" you can use up to 200 ml of cooled russian vodka or ukrainian gorilka. Be careful! Do not use without previous coaching and strong experience more much doses!  You must see your friend faces and another kinds of culinary for this extremely action! You can put and stay in the 'satory'/'happyness' after that  for some non-control time !
    P.P.S.: ;))

  • Every time I go to Subway I get the same thing: Subway Club, turkey, roast beef, ham, lettuce, green peppers, pickles, tomatoes, swiss cheese and italian dressing on wheat. Every time;D
  • whenever i come back from college, after i was away from home the entire week, i just go to the kitchen and make this HUGE sandwich. it has tomatoes, avocado, hummus, soya schnitzel (or sausages!), ketchup, mustard, cabbage... wow, it does sound weird, but i assure you, it's sooo good. *-*

  • I LOVE italian sandwiches and heros!!! i have bought them at various stores but i also love making them myself! slices of mozzarella (fresh is better), thin sliced plum tomatoes or preferably sundried tomatoes in oil, cut fresh basil or a slather of basil pesto! drizzle of olive oil or italian  dressing. i would put this on italian bread preferably! but of course i have used regular white bread, pita, tortilla wrap! its a yummy sandwich! 

  • My favorite sandwich would have to be ham, turkey, mayo, olives, mustard, jalepenos, lettuce, onions. I prefer to make it myself, unless it's Subway, because you can also make it the way you like it there. :)

  • bacon club sandwich!

    ..i make it myself...

    ...the things that are in it are lettuce..lots of bacons..tomatoes..and my personalized sandwhich spread!..haha

  • sardine @ tuna sandwich..
    buy or if i had the ingredients... i'll make it myself...
    1) tuna @ sardine
    2) salad
    3) slice of tomato


  • Oooooh!
    don't even have to think about it!

    Tuna and mayonnaise on a hot toasted crusty baguette with lettuce, rocket and cucumber!  

    heh heh heh 
    also the best comfort food ever...that and nachos and cheese <3


  • I am wild about a Ruben Sandwhich (with mustard NOT dressing) I make it myself mmMMmm
    A Turkey Club Sandwhich that I go to a local restaurant here in town to get--the best I've ever had!!!
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