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Money to burn

If you were given two weeks off with an unlimited supply of money that was only good for those two weeks (anything you purchased, invested, or saved would disappear when the two weeks were up), what would you do?

Answers (689)

  • I would buy http://www.datecover.com and market the living daylights out of it so all the other scammy websites out there would freak out and go bankrupt.  Online dating world is so shady.  Need more companies like DateCover out there.

  • I trust that any photographs taken during that two week time period would still exist, so I would spend that money doing as much traveling through Britain as I possibly could.  I would fit in as many historical sites, museums, galleries, shows, spa experiences, etc., that I could during that time period and stay in the absolute top of the line best luxury spots and eat in the most exclusive, top rated, Michelin starred establishments.  I would have to make sure to take as many photos as possible so I could remember the trip for years to come, but wouldn't feel compelled to donate any money to charity because I'd know it'd disappear from the selected charities' coffers after the two weeks were up and I wouldn't want to have that ruin those charities' bottom lines.  And I'd take someone with me, a very special friend of mine who would be just as appreciative of the journey as I would be and whom I would delight in sharing my experiences with.  I would also send my mother and two of her closest friends (i.e. the two who've made the most effort in keeping in contact with her during her recent medical crisis/drama) away on a deluxe, luxury cruise during this time period, admonishing them not to purchase anything with the expectation of keeping it beyond a certain time period but hoping they'd have the best time sharing in the fun and frivolity possible on board.  Then, when everything is completed, I would luxuriate in the knowledge that my mother and I spent those two weeks partaking in the most extravagant, lavish adventure we'd ever had in our lives.

  • what would be the point? if you use the money for yourself then at the end of the two week period everything dissapears and you're left with hollowness and empty memories to remind you of what you'll never have again. If you use the money for others then it'll dissapear and leave them upset and dissapointed.. any good, or bad, that you do will be undone.. what's the point if you cant somehow leave your mark?

  • mmm... probably travel...see the world (at least 1 country from every continent) and I'd take friends and family too, skydive,.... cz memories would stay forever so i can do that ....
    shopping : buy 14 rly expensive outfits to wear the 2 weeks i have
    buy everything i ever dreamed of (cars houses diamonds .....) and use them 14 days:P at least i won't worry about them getting stolen cz i know they'll disappear in few days anyway :D
    but mostly as i said in the beginning work on gd memories!!

  • Would the deed that a hired person did be undone after the two weeks, since the money and anything purchased would disappear? If so, I'd hire a guy to mess up ARS

  • HAHA just off the top of my head
    • Rent some awesome place near the water, invite all my friends over
    • Get a boat and go fishing
    • Get a grand piano and variety of instruments so we can all jam
    • Buy a lot of stuff, including this necklace from swarovsky, tiffany and co, and also a dior perfume.  Clothes, shoes etc etc etc!
    • Get a honda civic? or maybe something better since it's unlimited supply of money!
    • Get a Nikon D90 and that 35mm f1.8 lens and drive to place and take pics
    • Go on a holiday with my family for one wk

  • if i was given two weeks with limitless money, id buy boats of drugs. EXPENSIVE ones and sell them off, that way at then end of the two weeks id still have the money i made.
    they cant take what profits you made.
    that way i could buy a house and furnishings and a new fucking wardrobe.

  • Buy my whole family gifts that they would only need for two weeks (the only one that has an obvious answer straight away would be to get my dad a Bugatti Veyron for two weeks), myself I would buy a ferrari 430 and a lamborgini murcielago to drive around in

  • I would travel around the world in two weeks. (y)
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