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My endless love

Who, or what, is the greatest love of your life? Is it a person? Is it a creative pursuit, involving music, writing, cooking, or art? Is it a passion, like food, film, or travel? How has it shaped your life?

Answers (673)

  • Жизнь!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Зимой работа, готовлю мото (у меня их два) к сезону. Летом путешествия, общение с новыми людьми, дорога и ветер.

  • Вообще-то привязанность к кому-либо или чему-либо является врагом Духа. Человек так устроен, что однообразие в чем-либо его быстро утомляет. Просто смена деятельности воспринимается как отдых. Это нормальное эволюционное качество, заложенное свыше,  иначе Человек прилип бы где-нибудь и забыл отлипнуть до старости, а то и до смерти. Сейчас наблюдаются сбои в этой программе, особенно у молодежи. Не нужно никакого оружия, чтобы большую часть подрастающего поколения отправить на свалку истории - просто дайте компьютер, Интернет, а привязанность сама появится. Если чудо не произойдет и никто нас не научит ставить защиту от этой болезни, потери будут колоссальные.  Мои интересы очень разнообразны.Но сейчас на первый план у меня выходит Человек со всеми  проблемами, ковыряюсь в его устройстве, личные наработки неплохие, а вот как ими поделиться? Очень сильно у людей мозги вирусами подъедены, как-то легко смирились с наступающей на них деградацией. Зато столько полезного и бесплатного материала для работы, когда еще такое время будет!

  • I would have to say reading, I don't know where I would be or what I would do if I didn't have books or fan fiction or whatever reading I can get my hands on. It lets me escape when things are to rough, if only for a bit.
  • Writing. Its the only thing I have. Sex. Music. The presence and expression of other spiritualists. The way music feels when I'm receiving it while in a state of altered reality. That's about it. Everything else is obsolete. Sex is pretty obsolete but feels too good not to do...and love endlessly.

  • I'd have to say film, it has all aspect of art in it... or should i say it can have all aspects of the arts in it, one can be very creative in it and skies the limit.. (well actually i guess that's not true... lol really depends on the budget you have to work with)
  • MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!! Music is life. Music is that thing I can turn to that won't ever break my heart. Music is something that relieves stress Music is something personal, no one can tell me how to do it right, its my own thing. Music is something that I can have a relationship with like no one. Music is necessary for living. Music lightens the mood Music emphasizes what ever I'm feeling Music gets a message through to people, so they listen Music shows talent, and creativity Music shows passion, and dedication Music shows my craziness, and my personality. Music is a reason to get up in the morning Music can make you smile when you have nothing to smile about Music feels what you feel. Or what you want to feel. Music is happiness. Music is........ love. Having no love right now........MUSIC IS THAT LOVE!!!!! Emily has a Ty, Jenni has a Tim, Jameson has an Amanda/drum set, Aji has a guitar, Kyle has the Red Sox, I have......music. And I know that no matter what happens with my love life, no matter how much heartbreak I may go through, no matter how much stress I have, and how badly I feel like cutting...or doing something dumb, Music is life.
  • I half to confess there's three anime, manga, and diet pepsi. And it did help to shape my life I got together with my group of friends in the first place because of anime and manga. Even though they've moved away from it, it still helped us to form a bond that made us more like sisters then just close friends. And as for Diet Pepsi well it's my fix I find school is just alot easier when I've had my diet pepsi lol it's as bad as coffee.
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