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World's best snack!

What are your all-time favorite snacks? Do you have different snacks for different activities (such as chips at work/school; Cheetohs during deadlines, or popcorn during movies/gaming)? How often does your taste in snacks change?

Answers (355)

  • Anything cheese!
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  • Hmm..I love to eat some Doritos the cheesy kind. And as for how often it changes I'd say it pretty much doesn't. XD
  • Cheeze it's and peanut butter, with a nice cold dr. pepper...now that is perfection.

  • Okay I am currently obsessed with Honey-Soy Chicken Chips. I'm not sure if they have them outside of Australia but they are soooooo good. Although when I'm stressing out totally I like chocolate better. Mine changes usually when my mood changes though. It's strange. Like right now I want the chips, but tomorrow I might not. Or even in a couple of hours. When I'm sad I usually want a frozen Coke and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. When I miss my old life I might want Candy Corn or a Butternutter or probably above all I'll want a Laffy Taffy, perferbly a Banana flavour. When I'm Portugal homesick I'll want a Sumol and then a Pastais De Nata. And then if I'm Indonesia sick some satay with peanut butter sauce and noodles, and Fanta. I know you can get Fanta anywhere but they have different colours! But in my room when I'm studying it's definitely the Chips! ALL THE WAY! At least for this week. :D

  • I really like milk for some reason. And I like sandwiches (but I'm quite picky of its contents), sushi (I rarely have it though), chips and guacamole, croissants, Toll House crackers, bagels & cream cheese, Very Vanilla Silk soy milk, and pasta, omg, I love pasta, and those Little Debbie cakes. There's a lot more I'm forgetting, but yeah.. :B
    My taste can change in a couple months or a couple years, it really depends.

  • Movies-whether at home or in a theatre I've got to have buttered popcorn and a soda...
    I love potato chips...they are a weakness especially Cheetos, Cheddar Sour Cream, or Fritos

  • I love salty snacks. I like flavored chips and salty french fries. I do not notice if my snacking habits change for events except that I switch from hot tea to iced tea as the weather moves from cold to warm.

  • Eatmores, skittles, chips, any kid of food =)
    no i just eat that shit whenever i have any of it and i eat it all in like 30 seconds cause im a fatty=P
    my taste in those kinda snacks never change because there so damn good i never get bored of them!! =P
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