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Writer's Block

Love on LiveJournal

Have you ever had a crush on another LiveJournal user? If so, did you confess your feelings? What happened?

Answers (310)

  • yes

  • никада! И Нафик надо! Все эт ерунда. Все мы тут не такие как в жизни.

  • haha!

    Sort of. Once. But she doesn't know.

    And besides, that was a long time ago. Not anymore.

  • Not a LiveJournal user but someone I met through Yahoo! chat when I was younger. His name was Leonard, I didn't know I liked him until now. I'm pretty sure he liked me back, but I had to mess it up by saying bunch of lies. >.> He was a cool guy and he was respectful and I trusted him, whenever I felt down, I would go to him. Everyday we would talk on Yahoo! and just talk about nothing in particular. How do I know he liked me? well, he would sometimes ask me if we knew each other in person would I go out with him. I never took these questions seriously. I miss talking to him. He started to get on less and less and one day he didn't even come online anymore. When he did, we grew up a bit and just didn't talk as much. He told me that his computer had broken,I guess it just died out.
  • Noxious means "detrimental", not "irritating". and it usually implies something smelly. This Writer's Block is trying to make itself sound big and fancy by [mis]using Latinate words.

  • Oh my. Has it been a while or What?? Freaking February, and nothing really sweet has happened since New Years. I mean yeah, a little bit of get-together's, a little bit of Drama, some life-changing epiphany's, but nothing huge... :)

    Well, I CAN write another story on one of my get together's, but none of them were that amazing... I'll think about it.

    Anyways... On with my answer.

    Well, NO, but I have an interesting story to tell about unrequited love, or as I call it, one-sided infatuation (It was more than just like-liking someone!!)

    Which is what I'll write in my next post. But for now, no, I've never had a crush on online people. I can't work like that, I need to see reactions, emotion, facial expression. I'm kind of like an analyzer, and I love observing people, especially if their reacting because of me :)

    So yeah, on to my story!!

  • Yes I have. Honestly, I'm not sure he was who he said he was. I believed EVERYTHING he said when he and I were friends, but now I doubt that almost any of it was true. It's sad.. but what's sadder is that I wasted SOOO much of my time HERE with someone that I didn't really know who, also, didn't really know me. I hope he's happy, but I don't wonder about him so much anymore. Time has a way of healing all wounds.
  • Нет, не приходилось.


    Hahaha, it obviously ne. She knows, everybody knows hahahaha *proud*
    If you still doubt about that, you can click here *smirk*
    Nothing happened, it just I love her with all her weakness, no need to become perfect to be my favorite person.
    Because love is already perfect ^___^

    Eh cuman 1 orang yang ga tau ding, yaitu uke gw XDDDD
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