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It wasn't me.

Did you ever do anything in your youth that you lived to regret? Do you think you ultimately learned from it or do you wish you could go back in time and do it over?

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  • "The only thing the past can change is how you feel about things in the present. But nothing else changes. Not others feelings... and certainly not their lives." I wish I could go back and change it, but I know that to be impossible. There's no forgiving the things I've done, all I can do is make sure the same mistakes aren't repeated by others.

  • Yes! There are mistakes that I've made, due to the stupidity of youth, that i wish i could do over and over again.  I dont regret the a$$es i've kicked in high school (I still think those bitches deserved it) but some of the paths i could have taken (should have taken) but didnt. One thing i use to think was that i had a lot of time. Ya well all that time came and went.

    But if i could go back (not just to be able to wear a size 6 again have a tight ass and perky boobs ;p) I'd wish i remembered everything. Why i went back and what i was there to change.

  • Yes, when I was 17 I had the most amazing guy in love with me. I had ahuge crush on him too. I asked him to take me somewhere. He said that he would, but then changed his mind. I was so mad at him I stopped speaking to him. He eventually maried someone else. I ran into him a few years ago. He told me that he wanted to take me, but couldn't because he was a school teacher and I was still a minor. That he could have ended up in a lot of legal trouble. He has never gooten along with his wife. I know he's not just telling me that because I have seen the way she treats him. But for their children's sake they have remained married. And I have been stuck all these years single. I regret that I blew what he did out of proportion. I could've been married to the love of my life, my soulmate for the past 29 years.
  • Yes. My entire life. I want to go back and change everything for the better.

  • Honestly I think about certain moments in my past over and over again.

    There is this one moment that stands out from sixth grade. We were sitting at our desks, going around the circle reading a story out loud. My teacher told the class that for those who had difficulty reading out loud might find it easier to read the passage first to them selves, so when it was their turn to read out loud it wouldn't be the first time. I wasn't really paying attention to this part, because she proceeded to ask who already did that, I said that I did. She then said that she didn't excpect that from me, that she thought my reading skills we're much better than that. I didn't really mean that I read ahead to gain experience from the text, I meant that I read ahead because the class was always much to slow for me.

    I'm not sure why this stands out so much. I think at the time I was embarrassed that my teacher thought less of me, and that I couldn't explain that I made a mistake because I was already being made fun of. It's not like I see any of my old classmates anymore, or my teacher, but I think I still feel like they have a false sense of who I was. Although I highly doubt any of them acutally remember that. It seems like a moment that is only remaining in my memory. Maybe letting it out, telling someone about it will ease the 'pain' and this will be the last time I feel any embarrassment about this moment.

  • honestly...i gotta tell yah...i dont regret any of what ive ever done in my life whether it be bad or good...because if you regret ever doing it you wouldnt have done it in the first place and you wont be able to learn from your mistakes....if you do something good or bad dont look back on it in a regretful way just move on with your life and keep in mind that theres always another day...

  • Honestly? I guess punching that girl in the back in junior high would be my biggest regret. I was being egged on by several people to retaliate - including a teacher - but my common sense should have kicked in. If I did have to go back, I'd convince my younger self the years ahead would be significantly better in many ways and that talking my way out of that situation would have been the better option. I wouldn't relive most of my elementary or junior high years for anything, though, and I wouldn't change that moment even if it were offered. They were awkward, confusing, depressing, and just not enjoyable years. That all said, I don't regret them outside of that one incident.
  • I almost lost the one most precious to me because I kept taking my anger out on her and did a bunch of stupid things that resulted in her despair.Even though she has forgiven me and it happened a long long time ago,I wish I could've went back in time and erase it all.
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