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Roommate from Hell

Have you ever had a nightmarish roommate? What made you incompatible? How did you eventually resolve your conflicts?

Answers (397)

  • Oh yes. For a year I was roommates with my best friend Bunni. We normally get along well, but something about us together all the time just made us both miserable. Probably cause we are polar opposites; She's Outgoing, Perky and likes to hang out with large groups of people where I'm Reserved, Sarcastic and prefer small groups of people that I know. That year was pure ugh. We spent 80% of the time yelling and being pissed at each other. The solution was to stop being roommates and from then on only spend under two weeks together at a time. That seemed to be the length of time before we started at each other's throats.
  • Есть!Еще какой.Летом, я его особенно "ненавижу".До 3-4 утра всему двору спать не дает.После 24 часов к нему друзья подтягиваются.Как рассядутся на скамейке,так всю ночь галдят и ржут.Верный метод прогнать седаков- облить из ведра водой. Но только скамейка эта стот на середине двора, не дотянуться.В обед, выспавшись, он выползает на крыльцо покурить.Рожа заспанная...Когда встречаю его, обещаю, что приду к нему в гости со своими друзьями,часиков в пять утра и тоже не дам спать. Он шельмец улыбается -приходите- говорит.Ну, что с ним поделать? Салага!!!Улыбаюсь и иду домой...
  • 0 Oh God yes she was a high school friend which I had lost contact with, it was horrible got over charged monthly and had to deal with her psychotic mood swings. At first she told me she left her abusive boyfriend but two weeks later he returned to the living arrangement, fights constantly come to find out she is the abuser! Uses their child against him, she had just turned into a straight up bitch. Plus the fact the cops made several visits for the their fighting, I never thought I d say this but some times a woman deserves to get hit. Also she had become so judgmental while living with her I found out I was pregnant and she would bring it up all the time don't do this or that you pregnant as if I forgot. Way to much to handle my decision to terminate the pregnancy also ended the friendship amongst other things. I wish her only the worst, be warned when getting room mates that are couples.
  • i killed him with a toothpick.

  • Omg, yes.  My fiance's mom and stepdad.  It was the worst mistake we had ever made.  Pure hell.  If it was just his mother it would have been much better.  His stepdad is an ass.  Of course I knew it would suck to begin with.  It was kinda nice to say "I told you so" when it all fell apart.  They're gone now.  Thank goodness!  Sounds mean, but it's the truth.  It put a damper on our relationship for a while there, but we are back to normal and much happier now.
  • Oh lord yes. Twice. First, I had Shennan in Japan. She was an upper-middle class republican WASP, a tightwad, a bug collector, and she thrashed and snorted and whimpered in her sleep. She was also a generally mean and nasty person. I'm a light sleeper, a semi-socialist, I'm all about sharing if I have something someone needs, like bread, or eggs, or a pencil or an internet connection. I'm also a slob, and she hated that. I think dead insects are gross. I'm kind of sensitive. It just didn't work out. We resolved our conflicts by moving back to our seperate countries. I recently lived in a bedsit. The landlady was a nutcase with strict rules and a condescending, slightly insulting manner. She clearly had emotional and psychological issues. I'm very quiet, reserved and mild-mannered. I think she thought I was cold and ungrateful. I thought she was psychotic. It could never work. I did my best to be as polite and appologetic as possible throughout the whole ordeal, and I actually started to lose my mind a little by the end of it, as I was so tense all the time. Once again, resolution only came from my moving back to Canada. I'm clearly not suited to living with a roommate.

  • Oh, yes.  First year of high school was probably the worst.  She was homesick in a big way while I was just so glad to be away from home - she and one of the other girls used to stay up till four in the morning chatting and giggling.  I have trouble sleeping at the best of times, so that was a horror for me.  I didn't sleep much that first year.  Anyway, the only way we resolved it was by switching roommates at the end of the year.

    I think mainly I was a horrible person to live with - I'm too picky.  I got a single room in residence a year early because the residence staff realized I really needed my personal space.

  • Oh...This should be a fun writer's block entry for me to do.  I have had a nightmarish roommate one that I will never forget.  To start off with the guy seemed really cool when I first met him.  First impressions sometimes can be difficult for me to interpret especially if a person is vague about who they are.  The guy didn't seem like he was all there.  I would have various moments of me walking in my room to find him stoned.  His eyes would have a dead stare and glisten almost like a porcelain doll.  His face would be red, almost as if he is having his very life-force being drained from him.  One time I had my girlfriend sleeping over and I woke up to the sound of him peeing on the floor and I hoped to God that none of my belongings were dowsed in his monstrous piss stream.  Followed by the piss stream was his drunken babble and threats directed at his girlfriend, who obviously didn't have much respect for herself for being with someone like this.  It almost amazes me that I can remember him so vividly.

  • Oh, nightmarish roommate, the tales I could tell you. I pretty much had a different roommate every year in college. Sometimes more than one. Cause I was that cool. Okay, really, because the first three years I lived in the same place while the people I lived with got "real" apartments. It was dorm style living, all girls, and it was cheap. Everything was included: cable, internet, electricity, alarm system, cleaning service in the common areas. Even if living with basically a ton of freshman sorority girls sucked on a regular basis (no offense, but I'm just not sorority material), the place itself was nice.

    Year One:
    I was a freshman and so was she. We actually got along pretty well, but hardly ever saw one another. She was heavily involved with several of the Christian organizations on campus. I was... not. I kind of threw myself into my work my freshman year, trying to make sure I did as well as I could so I wouldn't have to worry so much about my GPA the next year. Basically, I was trying to pad it. Ha. The only bad thing was she would drive home every single weekend and not come back until like one am Sunday night, when I was trying to sleep.Which, of course, meant constant slamming of the door while she tried to cart in all of her crap. But, her grandmother always sent back enough homemade food for both of us, so that kind of made up for it. No big deal.

    Year Two:
    My roommate was actually a freshman, going to a local community college while I was going to the University. She and I went to the same high school and had a lot of the same friends. We got along really great. We had a similar sleep schedule, were both working, even had a similar class schedule. If she hadn't had to go home in October with mono, we probably would have been good friends. Haha. She decided to stay home and take classes at the community college there, so I had a room to myself for the rest of the school year.

    Year Three:
    This was the roommate from hell. We could not be more different. She actually moved in early too, because she called me and said she had been taking classes online over the summer, and she needed a place to stay during exams. I was, for some reason, under the impression that we would be getting along well, so I was like, yeah, I'm working, you can come up and stay with me for the week before you're actually supposed to move in. Ugh. First, she lost my spare key. Second, she never locked the door once she had her own. Third, she was disgusting. It's one thing to be messy, it's another to be dirty. Fourth, she went out to party almost every night, not leaving until eleven, not coming home until about four, and waking me up every single time. She blared music all the time. I like music. I play it often, just not around other people without considering that they might be trying to study. She also couldn't sleep without the tv on. She whined about everything. She fought with her sister, who was a freshman living in our building, all the time. She borrowed things without asking. My shampoo was frequently missing and I would have to track it down. Sometimes her sister even had it. I couldn't even escape her at work because she was a cashier at the same place. Luckily, I was only a back up register. I worked in the clothing department. I could go on and on, but I feel it isn't necessary. And, you know, it isn't like I'm obsessively neat, or like I go to bed at eight, or anything like that. She was just... always there and so loud and I could never concentrate. I didn't really feel like fighting her on anything, ever,so I pretty much just spent as much time away from our room as possible. I worked long hours, closing shifts so I could get home and shower around the time she was eating or doing homework before she would go out. I would go and study in the kitchen if it wasn't in use. I spent a lot of time at friend's apartments. I guess, in a weird way though, having her as a roommate was actually good for me. I got decent grades. I worked overtime. And I had a social life. I wasn't solely focusing on school. She kind of forced me to branch out. We never really resolved any conflicts though. She stayed there for another year and I moved out a couple months early while I was taking summer classes.

    Year Three Point Five:
    I moved into a townhouse for the summer classes and my last semester with a friend that I used to work with, another friend's ex boyfriend, and then a random assigned roommate. Other than my roommates being complete slobs and never cleaning up the kitchen, we didn't really have any problems. I mean, there were a few party nights where I couldn't sleep when I had to open at work the next morning, but they were considerate for the most part. If I asked them to turn music down, they would. They understood. I think a big part of me getting along so well with them though was that I had my own room. It was a four bedroom townhouse, so we had our space. With the other place I lived, it was a shared bedroom, and then common areas were shared with the rest of the building. I highly recommend having your own space. I don't think everyone needs the dorm experience. Orientation people will tell you in college that everyone should live in a dorm at least once. It helps you meet people. Blah. Blah. Blah. Don't listen to them. They lie.
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