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What's your favorite cult film of all time, and why? What are the essential ingredients for a cult classic?

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  • It's a difficult choice...for years, I've said that my favourite movie was Forbidden Zone &, to a degree, it still is. But a few years ago I discovered Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls & it's been inching its way to the top of my list & is currently displacing Forbidden Zone as my favourite movie. But, like said, it's a difficult choice. Part of me is inclined to still name Forbidden Zone, largely because of its independent & home-brewed production: old school animation techniques & cardboard sets & improvised costumes & people dressed in their underwear. It's a total fantasy without the slightest attempt at realism, which counts for a lot in my book. But Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, though it was made for a major studio (20th Century-Fox), still is classic Russ Meyer: brilliant, colourful cinematography, quick cuts (Russ didn't like to see anyone blinking) & completely ludicrous dialogue (in this case, most of it written by Roger Ebert), not to mention the trademark busty girls, a staple of all of Russ' films. Also some great tunes (the main characters are the members of an all-girl rock band). Plus the multi-layeredness: one needs to see the film several times to really assimilate it.
    What makes a film a cult classic? I think it depends on the individual film. There are few similarities between Forbidden Zone & Beyond the Valley of the Dolls but I think they equally qualify as cult classics. There's definitely an "inside joke" quality to both films, which I think is one of the necessary ingredients for a cult classic. Memorable lines are essential & both films are replete with surreal dialogue. If I had more time here (& had prepared more for this answer), I could go on. The most important thing to me about both of these films is that they're both incredibly funny & they keep me coming back for more. That's what really makes a cult classic.
  • mmm Not sure but I love Lost Boys, Blade, Avatar, I KNOW Jaws is considered one. its what made me become a movie 'geek' I saw part of it (the end where the Capt. guy get chomped in half.) when I was around 5 or so. Mom was standing in doorway & thought I was going to have nightmares. & now I watch too many horror movies that if they make a Scream 4 seriously I'd probably HAVE to be cast!

  • Devil's Rain! I saw it on Elvira's movie Macabre when I was a kid.
  • не знаю можно ли назвать его культовым но однажды в америке.для меня это классика.фильм делают режиссер.сценарий.актер

  • I would have to say my favorite cult films of all time would have to be Donnie Darko and Wrist Cutters: A Love Story.
    Both of them hold so much meaning to me.
    I absolutely love Donnie Darko for how creative it is.  I mean having a giant bunny talking to you at night, telling you when the world is going to end, that doesn't happen every day.  The whole thing is just great; I can't put it into words.
    And Wrist Cutters: so beautiful.  I fell in love with the story; not many directors would take viewers on a trip through hell with that perspective.  Also I'm just a sucker for love stories, and when I watch the ending I can't help but smile.

  • wow, i haven't used my LJ in forever....  anyway, when I think of "cult classic" movies, two in particular come to mind: Donnie Darko and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    and to make a cult classic, i think it definitely has to be something that hasn't been done before. think about it. Donnie Darko is trippy as fuck, and has a weird-awesome plot that hadn't been done before. Nightmare Before Christmas: on top of being completely adorable, I'm fairly sure that the whole idea of Halloween Town and Christmastown and all that hadn't been thought of before. And Rocky Horror... well, do i really need to say anything about that one? XD

    and, also, a REALLY AWESOME cult classic is really awful. Think about it: Rocky Horror, Reefer Madness, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, ANY 80s slasher flick... they're all awful, and we all LOVE them.

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Need I say more?

    Snakes on a Plane is a close second behind it.

    I think the ideal cult-classic would involve the fact that you can enjoy a movie without taking it seriously, and has the potential for audience participation.  It must also seem absolutely stupid upon first viewing, but then the more you see it, the better it gets.

  • Ghostbusters. Because it's funny, it was scary, it had characters you could love (and love to hate), it blew things up with BFG's and it had a giant monster at the end threatening a densely populated urban area.

    It was pretty timeless too.. The songs, though definately classic 80's, were catchy and not the worst to come out of the decade. The effects, which I know wouldn't compete with Avatar are still not terrible to see on screen. And the pace was good.. You watch it and each scene lends itself some way to the plot- the filler is by and large missing. I don't mind long films so long as there is always a goal in sight and there are great movies today that could to with a trim.

    I'm talking out my arse but I still love this movie... And lj did ask...
  • The Return oF Captain Invincible, a comedy musical featuring a washed up Superhero, the aforenamed Captain, made in 1983, set initially in Australia, starring Alan Arkin & Christopher Lee... As for why, I nominate this movie over The Rocky Horror Picture Show, is that it has'nt been "done to death" by Fandom...
  • i think it is Twilight Saga New Moon. An instant cult. The worst actors, the worst screenplay. it's like a great cult comedy. everytime i watch it i laugh my shit out. all the vampires are SUPER GAY(gay like Berlin not like the old English definition of happy) and they prefer to be goodgayromanticfucks than drink 'em all in the Forks shithole. werewolfs are for laughs too. they look like puppies man. anyway, i think Twilight Saga New Moon is my cult favorite of all time because i laugh everytime i watch it. (the funniest scene is when the WOLFies are CLIFFJUMPING in the middle of the fucking winter with no shirts on. OH what are they doing????? OOOHHHHH it's nothing Bellaaaaa, just cliffjumping. aaahh cooolll.shit.
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