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Crazy in Love

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for love?

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  • Sacrificing my own feelings just to keep someone else happy. I might have something more optimistic to write, but I'm pretty down right now. :)

  •        I drove 1400 miles to have breakfast at Ihop with my best friend.  He was my childhood love and I still hold him dear to heart, however our paths go different directions.  I had only been gone for maybe a year, not doing well with meeting new people, and feeling home sick.  What I use to call home is approximately 1400 miles from where I now call home.  I will admit, there was some unfinished business my mother needed handled and for her inability to miss work at the given time, I offered to drive back.  I understood this was not a trip for visiting, I had a very strict time constrain.  I got in town late at night, exhausted from driving, and booked a hotel for one night only.  Between my 7:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. appointments, I drove into town for our brunch.  It felt so wonderful to see a friendly face.  No sooner than our meal was through I had to leave.  The craziest think I've ever done for any one specific person was to drive a lonely boring 2800  miles for a refreshing breakfast. 
           Our lives seem to cross when we need someone most.  Sometimes there would be months over lapping the last few times we had spoken and as if we had a sixth sense, he would show up at my door in dire times.  In high school, there was a stretch of 5 months I hadn't heard from him.  The day I found out my father had cancer, he shows up on my front door with no call or warning.  That was for me, however it works both ways.  Over this past summer I decided last minute to spend the entire four months of summer back East, and three weeks after my arrival he viciously wrecked his motorcycle.  He broke his femur and was in the hospital for eight days.  Having an appartment on the third floor suddenly becomes a problem as well as having a tough love mother, to put it gently.  He stayed with me until he could wobble up his flights of stairs.  I was instructed to give him daily shots for the first two weeks, which was incredibly difficult if you are not use to any of this.  We have been through everything together and he truly is my best friend.  If our paths were to cross again, knowing the things I do now, and my values in order, I would try anything to convince him to stay.

  • ok so I wanted to write an entry and this was the most interesting of the writers' blocks.

    I don't think I've really done anything all that crazy for love. Or in general, really. Zoe, we need to get on some crazy shit stat.
    Um. Let's date. At the Opera. In SCUBA gear. Or maybe the park. But SCUBA gear is required. And graffiti things. And wear wigs. And spend a whole week in complete silence to see if we forget to talk and/or invent some type on nonverbal communication. Let's... go everywhere in the whole world and pretend to be people from another time.  Let's move somewhere and tell people that our names are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Let's have a really long and horrific existential crisis, while we're at it. That could be fun.

    Let's be clowns for Great Justice. And gay activists. And activists who are gay. Let's.... be superheroes. And clean up trash all over the place with those pointy sticks and we could also fight crime with them. Let's deface some terrible public monument and make is so beautiful that they maybe leave it that way. Let's do street theatre. And make people's lives more surreal. And make a couch-cushion fort. A giant one. From, like, all the couches in the neighborhood, or something. Let's be those crazy ladies down the street who all the mothers are afraid of and the children adore and everyone secretly thinks they're witches and maybe they actually are. Let's make people wonder what gender we are and not come to any conclusions. Let's do erotic theatre. 

    Let's write all over our walls. And furniture. And in our books. And then give them away just to make people wonder who we were. Let's go somewhere so isolated that we can scream and scream and no one will hear us so we can shout all the secrets we've ever had. Let's make tunnels. Let's play house. Let's meet David Bowie. And have tea with him. Like, High Tea, like a fancy dress-up tea with china and we all have to talk with Russian accents and pretend to be old ladies. Maybe we should also do this with every one we ever meet, ever. Let's make really good films. And maybe some really bad ones, too. Let's see if we can lose our minds if we try hard enough.

    This is really fun. --Everyone, what's something crazy you'd like to do for love? Or for any reason, really. :D
  • I might have taken a hundred dollar cab ride to go see him when he was having a really bad night just to give him a kiss and put a smile on his face. I left behind my friends and my entire life to go start a new life with him. But you know what? It all worked out in the end and he's my baby for life... I can't complain :)
  • The craziest thing ive ever done for love...hummm. lets see i just recently moved out of my dads a couple of days ago to move into my sisters for my girlfrind. i have moved for other reasons as well but one of the main reasons was her. Some call me crazy for it considering we have only been dating for 6 going on 7 months and im only 18 where as shes 20. But life is about taking risks and not letting oppurtunities pass so here i am.
  • the craziest thing i done for love was spend money on someone that dosen't like me then find out about it when i already brought that person stuff. It made me feel so stupid lol.

  • waited outside his work for three hours in the cold and rain until he got out so i can go spend the night with him after my mum said no. its sounds stupid and mean on his part but he didnt know i was late he thot my mum said no and gave up and i got in a fight ewith my mum and lef the house...then we spent the night at his friends house it was awesome and he got me my favorite kinda pie and served it to me early in the morning. oh btw i he woke up early as hell in the morning cuz i always wake up early he always woke up at like 12 in the afternoon. it was all worth it even tho were no longer together.

  •                The craziest thing I have done for love... That's kind of difficult actually... Right now I am currently not in a relationship, although not for lack of trying of course.

                   I guess that I am to the point that I no longer notice what I am doing if I am in fact doing anything crazy. But something I have noticed is that I do think about guys in the relationship sense before I even fathom of thinking of them as friends. And I think everyone does this, even if they are not single. It’s just something that crosses everyone’s minds. Like, oh would he do this, or would he do that, would he understand, etc.
                    The craziest thing I guess I have done is pursue this one guy for almost a month now, without actually dating him. No it’s not stalking. It’s complicated. No, no, no, I’m not saying that I am actually stalking him; it’s the fact that I have to get him to understand that I am not going to screw him over like his last girlfriend. That kind of complicated. So as you can understand I’m having one of those things where pursuit is a necessary aspect of getting what you want.

  • ... [entry purged]
  • I had a boyfriend for like 3 years and I did so much to keep him. In the end we didn't work out. I fought for our love. I literally did at some point. *I actually fought this one girl who tried talking him out of relationship. He was actually almost convinced but not really at the same time, anyways I fought her. *I was saving up for my mom's birthday present; a necklace. But my boyfriend wanted a new camera that was around $600 So I bought him that and ended up buying my mom sunglasses. they were buy one get one free and I bought myself a pair and hers was free. *I stopped bieng friends with a girl who was filthy rich and such a sweet heart to me so she bought me alot of stuff and helped me alot. because she was my boyfriend's bestfriend's ex x( *Sneaked out when I was already in big trouble and when I was coming back I had to go through the window from downstairs that had splinters and I caught around 5 splinters. *Lost my virginity, he was drunk and wanted it *Had my first beer with him at a crazy party so he can show his buds I was "down". *Quit my first job because he didn't like that we weren't spending time on the weekend. *Made me steal an ipod at school Those were some majors
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