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Writer's Block

Will You Marry Me?

What’s your idea of the perfect proposal?

Answers (193)

  • Not proposing.

  • Omo! The perfect prosal to me would be um......lemme think for abit.
    Something different and unique....it would be at his concert in Seoul, South Korea. While him and his members are singin Paradise, the part were 'I always dream of being your husband' He stops singing and comes towards me in the crowd. The fans screaming and his members blend in the song to Your my Melody and he gets on his knee and holds his hand out. A box falls from the sky and drops perfectly into his hand he opens it up and sings to me 'Will you marry me?' With confetti and bubbles spreading around us loose, i'll smile and say yes.

         My idea of the perfect proposal involves just grabbing some fast food and having a nighttime pick-nick at the beach. I am not a flashy person so I like a more intimate affair. I am also not expensive on the ring. As long as it is from the heart, I can be from a vending machine.  

  • So the question is what is my idea of a perfect proposal? I saw it on Cake's page and had to answer myself. I'm more of wanting my proposal not to be in public because I think a proposal is a very intimate occasion. So if he wants an outright no then he should never propose at a football game or some such occasion because I'm already freaked out by so many people.
    What I'd really love is to have the guy snuggle up with me on the couch and watch Beauty and the Beast and say " Can you make my fairytale have a happy ending babe?" and get down on one knee and propose, that or take a bubble bath and have a duckie with a ring tied to it floating around.I just want a very intimate proposal, and then get to call my best friend Cake and let her go nuts over wedding and such details.

    btw Sarah....will you marry me? or give me some cookies? Much obliged ^__^
  • The one where she says yes.
  • This writer's block was posted days ago, but I find it to be an interesting question. Being someone who loves romance, I have always thought of how I'd love to be proposed to. As I have gotten older, my idea of the perfect proposal has went from being "spending a romantic day together and then him getting on his knee" to just being "a random Tuesday while walking down the street together and having a conversation about nothing too important and then him randomly getting on his knee". Really, I'd love it to be when I least expect it. I think those lame romanticdinnervalentinesday proposals are over-rated. I'd love to just be somewhere not expecting much at all and being taken off guard by being proposed to. The day you get proposed to is supposed to be something that fifty years later you could look back on it and you'd still blush. For me, I think being taken by surprise would do just that. :) accck! WHY DOES HE COME TO MIND WHEN WRITING THIS?!? *turns red*

  • Romantic dinners are almost always a good choice. The ring in a champagne glass: classic. I don't really want to say how I want it, because I'm not going to be the one on my knee. I want it to be original and something that I will always remember the rest of my life. I really can't wait to find the one for me! A truly awesome boyfriend would be an awesome plus in life. If the one for me is the one asking, then it is the perfect proposal.

  • On the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. When there aren't many cars, out on a walk at night.

  • My perfect proposal would be when I least expect it. It don't matter if its raining or not, just as long I'm in His arms kissing and hugging him and he sweeps me off my feet. :)
  • Honestly, I don't know. Whatever the guy had planned to do, is perfect. The fact that he put so much thought into it. If he makes it perfect, then it will be. Everyone sees perfect differently. I'm not that big on jewelry, but if someone gives me it, I will wear it. Ice skating proposals are kinda done often, but its an awesome way to propose. When and if I get engaged, I want it to be perfect, or as perfect as it can be. Diamonds aren't really my thing, I don't go gaga over them. A ring with a button on it...now that sounds more my style. Something original, and weird. I hope the guy who proposes to me knows what I like.
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