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A rose by any other name ...

How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

Answers (1290)

  • "АнгОру" я для себя выбрала давно в качестве логина для электронной почты, а еще раньше - как псевдоним в прессе.  Ведь было время - не было чатов, форумов, блогов... Зато была газета бесплатных объявлений, и находились желающие написать туда  разную ерунду  вроде "Познакомлюсь с интеллигентным порядочным  ч/ю без в/п..." или, например,  "И поскакали кашевары в Булонский лес рубить дрова".  Тогда и появились ники.  ISA - это сокращение от Изабель - мое имя в одной атеистической секте. А в миру я, как и все,  Ольга

  • The name "Gadget" because its my nickname, plus I take apart and fix things, "Tomgirl" because that's what I am. I like to do thinks guys do; climb trees, play football, etc. etc. I will wear dresses, skirts and tights, as long as I like them and are comfy.

    *yawn* Damn...why do I say up so late? Oh its because I'm a night owl, that's why

  • When I first joined LiveJournal, I was desperate to create myself a blog and all of the best Australia- themed usernames were already taken, so I just scribbled and that was it. When I was in the hospital, I decided to create another journal with a more sensible name. My choice was "kattidya" which is a type of an Indian poltergeist that takes the shape of an ayah, an Indian female servant. I think it was pretty nice.

  • 11:51amNick is offline

  • Well, Cauliflower came from a nickname I got at a swim meet. Colleen Fowler, when in a heat sheet, gets written as 'Fowler, Colle" because they have a text limit. Someone misread my last name as Flower, which actually happens a lot XD, and read it as Colle Flower.... Cauliflower! and so that happened, and I thought it was kinda clever so I started using it as my username... but for some reason 'cauliflower' was taken so I added the numbers. :D
  • *points to fandom* *points to user name* 'nuff said.
  • Well, Alianore is a name I like, and I love cats. Wish I could be one. So there you go. It wasn't my first choice, but the other usernames I wanted were taken.

  • I didn't choose it - it was chosen for me by  long before I thought of having an LJ of my own.
    Not all that interesting - only that,  in the early days of the Internet,  not everyone could afford to own a computer or an Internet account - so some AOL people got together to share computers and screen names - you were and still are allowed to have six names per subscriber. At its busiest time the group had at least six computers - all over the UK - shared by I dunnamany people - and that didn't count people who shared a screen-name but used a computer at work.
  • It was way back in the year of 2002. I was shopping at my local Zellers store and browsing through the Toy Land. There I saw 4 original, beautiful and wonderful dolls by the names of SASHA, JADE, CLOE and Yasmin, also known as the BRATZ Pack. I picked up Sasha and fell in love with the doll and its name. Then I came back home and decided to create a Live Journal account and used the doll's name as my LJ user name.

  • urrr, no. not so much. i chose it because i like to write. well, anything, really, but mostly stories. soo. iliketowritex3 is a hobby. :] anyone can tell.. 

    ps: my mood had changed because my cousins computer broke. i was really looking forward to putting my pics off my LG cookie on it. you see, i have a mac laptop, and the bludy thing wont let my pics on here. D: oh, and he had downloaded photoshop. another thing: i cant download photoshop D:< ruddy unfair.

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