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Friend indeed

Are there any must-have traits, such as intelligence, humor, and integrity, that you look for in potential friends? Have you ever made exceptions? How did it work out?

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  • Hello, i'm a teacher of Digital Inclusion in Mackenzie University from Brazil, São Paulo. And You?

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    Sidnei Campos

  • Something like that is involuntary; friendship just happens, you can't help it. A checklist is not the way to make friends. If there is a must regarding people that I form friendships with, it's that they are genuine, tolerant, accepting, good-hearted people. You shouldn't look for specifics in people.
  • No... I don't really have to think about whether or not I'm going to be friends with someone. It's not really a decision you make - you just become friends with some people and not others. I guess in a way then I do judge someone's traits before we're really friends, but subconsciously. I hang out with people who have qualities I'm attracted to, so if I just don't like someone because they're mean or I know they're lying to me, I just don't spend time with them, so I guess I end up being friends with people I would have chosen if I had known all their qualities before we were friends. :P
  • Друзей не заводят. Они суждены или не суждены человеку.умение дружить-великое искусство. А какие требования к друзьям? не знаю. у меня 3 подруги. и в бедах мы помогаем друг другу.

  • Никакие черты не важны. Главное, чтобы человек добра мне желал. Искреннее хорошее отношение, то есть.  А без этого и дружбы вообще быть не может.


    Indeed. I don't think I LOOK for friends but they come to me. However, it it's necessary for a person to be my friend to have certain traits. Why? In order for two people to bond and to get along it is obvious that certain characteristics must be present. For example, I couldn't stand being the friend of someone who wasn't honest, who didn't have sense of humor, etc. I don't need for a friend to be exactly like me, but of course have some traits that I can get along with. I have befriended people that don't have the traits of a potential 'good friend' and of course friendships have ended or simply never really quite got as close as other friends have gotten. I once knew this girl who was my best friend, then I realized she wasn't mature enough and had some things in her personality that I didn't quite liked, so obviously the friendship stopped being how it used to be. Also, I believe that not only those traits but personality wise and perspective wise they must be at least a little compatible. Another friend I had, we were really close, but we were simply SO different. We viewed the world extremely different, we liked different things. So of course, the friendship didn't remained the same. However, I believe it is important to be mature enough to face situations. Even when friends don't remain as close, I believe I'm mature enough to be able to talk to any one of them. Because, it's not that friendship is going to end completely, just that it's not as close. In conclusion, even when you can remain friends with someone that isn't completely compatible with you, a potential friend to be must have certain traits in order to even let him/her in.

  • A friend isn't some piece of meat to be ordered exactly how we want them to be. Some are less humorous than others, some happen to suck at having morals. I don't really have specific critera for a "potential" friend as long as they have basic common sense and we've got something in common. To me friendship isn't really about LOOKING for those traits, it's about accepting that person for who they are, traits most definitely included.

  • Верность,верность и ещё раз верность!
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