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Sweet and solo

Have you ever made up an excuse to avoid a social obligation so you could spend the evening by yourself? Do your friends and/or family understand when you need some quality time alone?

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  • Yes.. But they understand, luckily =D

    By the way, check out my D_L post, it's my first one! If you want, ofc =D

  • когда я один я пишу....
    ручкой,карандашом, зависит от настроения,но  всегда в своем блокноте....
    как не странно  отделяюсь от всех только когда мне  грустно,когда не хочетсяя  показывать свою слабость.
    в такие моменты приятно просто   посидеть в тишине, и писать, описывать свои чувства и мысли,потом закрыть блокнот и все мной написанное остается тайной,о которой знаю только я и  он,мой блокнот)))

  • Yes. I've passed up on dates and hanging out with friends simply because I just feel like spending some me time. I'd rather do something that I like than to compromise and do whatever they like. My friends and family do understand however.

  • Yes, I have given up several nights to stay home, eat Doritos, drink Gatorade, edit Wikipedia, listen to Lady Gaga, and in general be an antisocial fuck. What an exciting life I live.
  • Дааа!!!

  • Yeah I do it more frequently then others I think. I am actually quite antisocial, I like being by my self and being able to just run off and do things by myself, the only problem being is that my parents do not allow me to go places with out others. Some of them do others don't, my problem is, that I have too many friends that want to spend time with me and not a lot of alone time, that's why I like group events so I can spend time with more people and have a little more time to my self. My mother is another person who doesn't realize this she has a tendency to trap me in conversations when I want to be alone. I don't blame her though, its mostly the alcohol and her being lonely. She stays at home and works from her office, she says she prefers to be alone but then I am always being bugged to talk to her. I think that sound a bit selfish but tis how I feel.

  • In all honesty yes, I've done it once or twice (irl). My friends understand I need space better then my family, they are constantly wanting me to spend time with them, they have to realize that I'm not actually that sociable of a person 24/7. I need my space at points and sometimes I don't get it and I come off as bitchy.

    I actually do it moreso to my online friends then offline people. I don't know why but I'll just say I g2g and I'll run off. Not even to escape the computer, sometimes its just to get time to myself without getting invited into frikkin group convos. -.-

  • не всегда понимают.да иногда нужно побыть одной
  • I used to make up excuses. Now I just say I don't want to do anything, or I'd rather be on my own, or I'm going to stay home playing Zelda. People now accept that I'm a hermit sometimes, and I enjoy my own company more than other people's.
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