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The One Movie Everyone Should See

What one film do you think everyone should see?

Answers (304)

  • Dan In Real Life

  • Inception.
  • This is gonna sound completely crazy, but Stigmata. When I first saw this movie, I was just out of high school and having problems with the church I was attending. The sermons weren't moving me anymore. I was sick and tired of only singing contemporary music during service instead of singing hymns like we used to. I was a traditionalist in a church trying to move to a more modern tone. And then I saw Stigmata. Even though it's a movie meant to freak people out (a women who claims to be an atheist is stricken with the wounds of Christ because she's possessed by the spirit of a deceased priest who discovered a lost gospel containing the words of Christ), it really helped me figure out the place of religion in my life because of one line:
    "Jesus said, 'The Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift a stone and you will find me.'"
    The whole point of that is that loving God isn't about going through the motions, going to church every Sunday. It means really loving a higher power and showing that love through good deeds and goodwill. No one is perfect and we all slip up, but going to a building isn't going to do anything to cleanse that. God is all around us and inside us, for those who truly believe. (By the way, Avatar is a piece of crap made by a self-righteous asshole named James Cameron who can't bother signing one fucking autograph for a fan. Don't waste your time seeing it, because it's just pandering to the bleeding heart environmentalists who don't have enough logic in their tofu-riddled brains to figure out that global warming is a myth cooked up by scientists paid by Al Gore to further line his pockets.)

  • "It's a Wonderful Life" This movie expresses so much hope and belief in the power of individuals and the meaning of friends, be they related to you or not. I like to watch it over the holidays, but I think it is applicable ALL the time. Have Hope! Know that YOU are worth something! Know that YOU are important to the cosmic scheme of things! Treat those around you with respect! Love your neighbor! All of that is so important. If you've never seen it - go see it! If you have but haven't seen it in a while, go see it again! :) Refresh your spirit. Have a little hope in life. It's good for you! :) Cristy

  • This may probably sound stupid and extremley childish, but I think the one movie everyone should see is Pixar's WALL E. That movie is not only a cute story, it is really informative. I love how it shows you what can happen if you don't take the time to care for the planet that you have, people take that for granted far too often. I try to be very eco-conscious and I try to realize that my activities have a huge impact. The world isn't something you buy at Walmart when you need another. You only get one. So treat it well. 

    Wow...sorry. I totally turned that into a whole 'preach my brains out' thing.

  • true.. Avatar is really great..    as said by Neha Sareen.....      ".I loved how PANDORA, opens up unassumingly, seamlessly and powerfully, hitting you in the face with a richness, amazing attention to detail, neon drenched trippiness that is frankly, simply beautiful and just too hard to ignore.
    This is a one of a kind movie going experience so no matter how long the first half is, no matter how predictable and trite the second gets, how almost too archaic and innocent a group of oversized, but hauntingly graceful blue skinned ‘navis’ look chanting around a sacred tree, and how ironic it is that the most expensive film made to date is in essence giving us a message of oneness, simplicity, and harmony, there is mastery in what Cameron has achieved technically in filmmaking, there is commercial smarts in how universal, elmenental and relatable he keeps it all, and there is a strong cast of whom WORTHINGTON & SALDANA rock, soar, and shine.
    Cameron’s secret is that he gives us a futuristic fantasy that is a full blown popcorn entertainer which has modernity written all over it and myth, meaning and soul hidden in it. "   
  • Well I'm pretty into intelligent, well thought out films these days. Movies that have a meaning, and actually make you think. So i'm going to have to go with Hannah Montana the Movie.
  • "Into the Wild" It's a great movie about taking a step back out of life. But so much deeper than that. The existensialist views it portrays, is something that I feel most Americans go through at one point in their lives. A man decides that he is tired of his materialistic lifestyle and his parents always wanting him to have the very best that money could buy and after graduating from college he decides to go live out in the wild. He destroys all information that may give him an identity or lead to his where abouts and travels to the icy mountains of Alaska. On the way there he goes to California meets some hippies who share some of the same beliefs, meets a war veteran who trys to pawn his conservative ways upon him and also takes a detour to Mexico and almost gives up, but realizes there isn't much he can do without an identity. Finally reaching the Alaskan mountainside he lives off the beauty and natural resources of the land and documents his journey while having flashbacks of his prior life. I wont say how it ends, but it is definately worth a watch. I give it ten stars. I love exploring different ideals and philosophies and the Existentialist view is one I'm particularly interested in, and this movie takes that philosophy and runs with it!
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