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The Tech Effect on Education

How has technology’s constant presence affected your (or your child’s) education?

Answers (79)

  • Well, I think it really distracts me but at the same time the amount of information you can get just by using GOOGLE is amazing! Although at some times, I kind of wish that I could just go to a library and search the old fashioned way, but since my family knows I can use the computer I dont really get to go to the library....which is sad since I really love books. Although Facebook is probably a massive distraction for a lot of people...I just find it boring (but I mean I am writing on this blog instead of doing homework...) Though I still have A's!
  • For me, personally, I believe it has helped me quite a bit. Well, the computer at least, but I've noticed that people around me who are constantly texting on their "sell" phones, their spelling seems to be less the accurate. I've noticed the internet has taught me many things that a book certainly wouldn't. Not that it's teaching me not to read, it's only making me more interested in books and certain subjects. I don't even like the idea of technology being around so much, but I certainly believe it's made me more educated and aware. And I'm sixteen, by the way
  • i think affects a lot, because everything today is with technolegy, so its better way to do reseachs, and if wasnt for technolegy woudnt exsiste a lot of thing on medcine...
  • Definitely! I'm able to work (slowly, but surely) on finishing my degree from home by taking online classes. Also, it's much easier to write papers and help the kids with their papers now that the public library has so much in an electronic form. My poor kids are frustrated because their school has an online gradebook that teachers update each week (and I dutifully check each week). Parents are able to see missing assignments and bad grades as well as teacher comments (if any).
  • Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today! Easy answer- I don't have kids! More in depth answer- I work with teenagers and technology, and I definitely see the way it affects their education as they come to me to ask for micrphones to add narrative to their Power point presentation (6th grade!!!) and tell me how to hack into my own system. I love working with that age group.
  • I spent ages 11-14 literally addicted to a computer screen. It ended up being a problem because I was a huge dork and couldn't get off this Nancy Drew forum for the life of me. During middle school my lack of interest for real life became even worse. I could never get homework done because I was constantly busy distracting myself. So yeah, the internet ruined my life and my distaste for real life turned me into a depressed kid at like 12 years old. The internet sucks man.
  • it changes a lot so um, i'm stuck in the past
  • I'll narrow this question down to just one memory. When I was an undergraduate in the early 1990s, I remember using CD-ROMs to search databases like the MLA while doing research for my undergraduate theses. It certainly seemed like a step up compared to the way of doing it before the CDs--printed indexes. (Hands up if you remember the printed indexes!) Looking back, the CDs now seem absurd. Libraries were actually buying and storing these CDs. I guess in the early 90s, the library of the future was envisioned as rows and rows of CDs. I suppose now if Google has its way, the library of the future will be a single terminal used to access all the books ever printed. *Sigh* I'm suddenly feeling a little nostalgic for the printed indexes.
  • I'm too young to have children. But hmm..I guess if you count the times when technology makes it possible to procrastinate instead of study...then sure it affects it. In good ways it affects my education too because I can do research without having to go to the library and other things.
  • The constant recourse of students to the option of watching a movie (which only just beats out the option of going outside). What did children do before the introduction of televisions or DVD players or even film-reel cameras? Did they ask their teacher if they could spend the afternoon whittling or listening to Booth Tarkington novels read aloud?
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