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What are your least favorite book and movie genres? Are you willing to make exceptions? Do you ever feel left out of social events/discussions owing to atypical taste in movies/books?

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  • Unless there's vampires or some sort of fantasy/supernatural/paranormal element to it.. I HATE romances. I do on occassion make an exception but ONLY if its a story in which piques my interest. (sually with movies. Won't wast the 2 or so weeks for a book. usually if I'm not crazy abotu a book & it doesn't 'flow' then it takes me over 2 weeks to read it. which turns me off but I still force myself to read it. No I don't feel left out. If I didn't care to watch the movie why would I feel left out. Even better if I go to the movies w/ a 'friend' again & they change their mind to see the romantic (or romcom) I'm going to another viewing room & watching the one I want to see. (Moral on that is.. If you're friend is going though guy trouble, break up or jsut an overly severe crush esp. if they get anxiety attacks or is depressed (weather from that or not) DO NOT FORCE them into going to a Romanic movie VERY insensitive!
  • history. i hate history! it tends to be dull and sad. I might make an exception if its got action. i as very shocked to find out how close the movie 300 was to actual historical fact. the only time i feel left out is when i discuss my distaste in stupid comedies. i find people see me with humor.

  • I hate horror and thriller films... I hide behind a quilt if they are on!

    Saying that, my friend made me watch the ending of paronormal activity on wednesday and i wish i hadn't
  • My least favorite genres are political and non-fiction. I'm not really that interested in politics, and sometimes I do feel stupid when people talk about things related to the government and what is going on in the world. But then again, learning about those things makes me sad and angry. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. I prefer living in a fantasy world, a distorted reality. So far, it's served me just fine. I know it's not the healthiest thing, but it makes me happy, and with as messed up as everything is, I like to take my happiness where I can. I don't make a lot of exceptions. Every now and then I'll watch a "political" movie, but not really. I still haven't watched "An Inconvenient Truth," and I absolutely refuse to watch anything created by Michael Moore. I make a few more exceptions with non-fiction though. I like certain documentaries, especially about prisons for some reason. I also liked Spellbound and Maxed Out which are documentaries about spelling bees and credit card debt, respectively. I also like to read memoirs as long as they are funny like David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, or A.J. Jacobs.
  • Oh, there are so many... 1. Hate gross out movies, or even horror movies that have any gross out, blood gut stuff. The only exception to this is the Hellraiser series of movies. 2. Can't stand the movies with the domestic pet(s) get separated from their people, and go across country to find them. They always freak me out, since in real life, most of these dogs/cats would be run over, abused in some way, eating garbage and encountering other dangers. Plus I heard one of the films that was made, the film makers ran through 8 or 9 dogs/cats, as some of the things the dogs/cats were expected to do, killed them. 3. I realize that with movies that have a women physically or sexually abused is part of the drama and may even be a true story, but I don't want to watch it. Ditto watching innocents get tortured. How is that entertainment? I don't think I am all that unusually in my tastes; in fact, it was a lot more difficult when I was younger, as most movies directed at teens in the 80's were gross out blood fests.

  • I guess you could say those confusing genres which lead you into a state where you really have to think about what the hell the story line entails and really have to follow with your mind. Part of the reason I spend money going to the Cinema is so that I can Veg out on the comfortable premiere seats whilst mindlessly absorbing the movie, hehe!

  • My least favorite movie genre's would be Westerns and War movies.  There are occasional exceptions but they are rare.  I guess I could feel left out if my friends were having a discussion about a movie that I didn't care for, but that's not my fault and it's not theirs.  I'd let them have their conversation and just listen (or sing tunes in my head lol) and I know eventually the conversation would turn towards something that I'd have more interest in.

  • My least favorite genre, surprisingly, would have to be romance. This is largely due to the fact that 99% of the texts that lay squarely within the genre are bullshit. Yes, fiction is fiction but in matters of the heart, sometimes filling my head with unrealistic endings is not the way to go. Of course, to this rule there are close to a thousand exceptions. I think most people would agree that in every written and visual text ever produced, there is some element or trace of 'romance' (N.B. Not Romanticism a la Wordsworth). The thing with this genre is that there's always so much passion, 'love' and ecstasy of feeling, yet many of the authors fail to include the reader in their writing. They take you there yes, but it is as if you are watching a perfect world from behind a bullet proof wall. Unattainable. When the writer does happen to succeed in making the reader feel a part of the text, a participant in the elusive or illustrious relationship the problem remains that when transposed against reality, the fiction seems far too fictional. It may seem foolish that I suggest this point, however romantic fiction seems to be one of those genres which seeks to present the real human situation, only using false characters and settings. In short, its aim is to depict what 'love' or lack thereof is really like. However it seems that throughout said presentation, the improbable, if not impossible, generally happens.

    In response to the latter part of the question, I rarely find myself outed because of disliking the romance genre. I more often find commonalities with others owing to my interest in atypical genres, however it may be seen that I generally socialize or at least discuss literature with people who are atypical themselves.

  • Twilight. Twilight is so bad, it's its own genre.

    And I don't feel left out, most of the people I hang out with absolutely despise Twilight.

  • i am not a fan of action movies. not like, action adventure movies, just pure action movies. shit like die hard, mission impossible, all of those shitty spy movies just suck. or the dark knight. that movie is TERRIBLE. 
    i like dramas. romantic comedies. action adventure - sometimes.  but yeah, no action for me thank you.
    as for books i don't particularly like fantasy, with the exception of harry potter. but harry potter can be considered as its own literary genre, so it doesnt even matter. like, i cannot read books where the main characters name is like, gyulwfen. or some shit like that. it just does not work for me. at all.

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