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Are there any political issues or civil liberties you actively promote or defend (through volunteer/grassroots efforts)? What are they? Do most of your friends feel similarly?

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  • I'm a keen supporter of Animal Rights and welfare, and I feel that the environment is also an important subject. I've signed many a petition on working towards a ban in sport hunting and predator derbies of animals, especially rarer species like the Fox, Bear and more recently re-introduced Wolf. I believe that people are growing more and more careless of the effects of their actions on the world around them, and only tend to worry about number 1.
  • I've been a big supporter of Net Neutrality to the point where I've signed many petitions and have written my congressmen about keeping it that way. If you believe in something you have to do something about it if you wanna see change. Generally anything that MoveOn.com brings to my attention that I have an opinion about I step up and sign a petition or write a letter. I probably wouldn't have been as active in such things if it weren't for the internet. One thing I think you should help with if you actually read my entries is to stop Visa and the other companies from taking a percentage of donations to Haiti relief received via credit.. it's a charitable donation and thus should not reflect the same policies as a personal purchase. It's just downright despicable and unprofessional for any of those companies to profit off of the disaster and the good will of it's customers. So sign this petition if you wanna help send them the message. http://pol.moveon.org/nofees/?r_by=18596-10067381-wrGRQMx&rc=confemail

  • I'm into animal welfare, female issues like violence against women and queer rights. I'm against animal testing and cruelty in general, so I only use make up etc NOT tested on animals, I've been in a support group to keep the local "women crisis center" and volenteered as a secretary for a local LGBT teen group.

  • I promote the love of all people, the upholding of all that is good.
    That means taking my excess - be it time, money, possessions, space, whatever - and meeting others' needs. And maybe that shows best in not ignoring the guy on the street who lost his somewhere to go home to, or in offering the girl on the corner a warm place to sleep some nights...or remembering to come home to him a little more often.
    That means not merely ignoring the weird looks I get (whether they be directed toward my tattoos or my piercings or my lusts or my love), but shedding a little light before the intolerance is passed on.
    That means remembering that love is always a verb before it is a noun.
  • I'm against animal testing, I try to buy products that are not tested on animals.
  • I dont actively promote gay marriages but im a supporter. i myself am and i dont understand why people have such a problem with it. numerous times i have caught myself in an arguement about that topic and i can usually persuade them to atleast open their mind a little more to see the other side. why stop people from being happy. We all get used to the way things are and they get used to it and dont like to leave that comfort zone so when they see a gay couple they think its wrong from not being exposed to it much because some couples feel the need to hide it but im a strong believer to show what makes you happy.
  • Everybody in my family tends to be politically liberal except for Step-Father Dave, my sister Dani and my brother-in-law Jim Siders (Who are Replicans). The politics that I support tend to be liberal Democratic Party related issues. I agree with everything the Democratic Party has been trying to accomplish without reservation. I was overflowing with happiness when Barak Obama won the presidential election.

  • Ofcourse =] <3
    Gay rights =]
    And they wouldnt be much of friends if they didn't support me and my endevers =]
  • Well there are some political issues I promote such as ridding the world of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism, and Scientology because these religions have caused millions of death. Organized religion only causes death. I also promote legalization of marijuana because it's been proven that marijuana doesn't cause any harmful effects to anyone. I also promote gay marriage and polygamy because there's nothing wrong with either one. I believe marriage is between loving consenting adults.
  • I am passionate about a few issues (gay marriage, animal cruelty, capital punishment, and the state of public education), but I am not one to participate in marches and stand in picket lines; I simply cast my vote and/or donate money to the causes I care about. While my friends agree with me on some issues, they disagree with me on others. For the record... I support gay marriage, despise animal cruelty, fully support the death penalty, and think that public education is a fucking mess.
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