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If you could be a member of any musical group, past or present, which group would you choose and why?

Answers (552)

  • MGMT!!

  • I would want to be apart of Nirvana, if that was even possible. Or take out Courtney Love and be in Hole. I'd make that band sooo much better without her crap voice. And then I could snag Kurt Cobain... >.<

    Ohhhh if only..... haha

  • ANY OF MY TOP 3!! the beatles (my favorite band!!) the monkees, or my newest, the who!! :) they're all so awsome!! and i love the music with a passion, but you know, i could also settle for some lovin' spoonful, mamas and papas, byrds, hollies, kinks, with donovan, you know, all these guys. :)
    p.s., for anyone who is wondering (or hasn't somehow figured it out) these are all bands from the 60's, i'm young, but a 60's enthusist!! :)
  • Any group besides the Beatles. They were absolute shite. Especially that John Lennon fellow. You're my best mate, you know that, John, right? (cheeky smile) No, I don't fear for my life.

  • Джаз, как бывший музыкант (трубач)

  • I am a member of a band.  We have been together since 2006.  We perform at benefits and other community events.  We also do events where we get paid.  Since I DJ I have all the equipment for everything.  I have guitar amps and piano amps.  I have speakers for big crowds. We have several band members.  We have  a drummer, guitarist, piano player, my self,and vocalists.  Our band sounds really good.  I provide all the equipment.  I am the producer.  The producer is in charge of everything that goes on with the band.  I'm also in charge of collecting the money  that we charge.


  • Considering the only "musical instrument" I'm proficient in is my own voice, I would have to join up with a group whose hallmark is the spectacular quality of its vocalists, so I would have to answer with ABBA.  They had such an exciting run when they existed -- years and years of participating in disparate musical ensembles in their native Sweden before uniting both professionally and personally as ABBA, being discovered when they participated in that famous 1974 Eurovision in Brighton, England (I believe?) and WON it, spending all that time in the limelight and seeing their music sell so incredibly well throughout the world, etc. -- that to have been a part of it must have been profoundly life altering.  I remember watching an ABBA documentary several years ago on the old Ovation TV and harmonizing my heart out whenever they went to performance footage and recognizing that they were a huge testament to the amazing amounts of work that it took to sound as good as they did.  Their voices were just so crystal clear and gorgeous and lush and even though their clumsily accented English sounded a little odd to native speaking ears, the artistry of their vocal excellence always shines through.

    Er, can you tell that I'm a bit of a voice fiend and good vocals excite me?  I can't help it; as a trained choral singer whose not-so-secret aspiration is to sing opera at the level of the magnificent Montserrat Caballe, vocals that elevate the art of singing to another level touch me at the very core of my being and that's precisely what Anna-Frid's and Agnetha's vocals do for me.  Even Benny and Bjorn worked hard at creating harmonies that were adequate enough for their two star female singers.  And to have been like that -- to have been *that* -- would've been the ultimate in musical actualization for me.
  • I expected more people to say Queen. That was the first band that came to my mind. Epic. Music. Artistry. Freddie's voice. Everything. I will cop out and name another musical group. Someone said Shinee. LOL. I wouldn't mind joining Shinee. Cool choreo, trendy outfits, even better hair, what's not to love? Given that I could speak Korean. I would travel back in time and join the Spice Girls on tour for a little while. The 90s. Oh yeah.

  • Tinatanong pa ba yan?? Edi The Corrs! Only because they were my favorite group during my teens. Weh, blame the 90's. I didn't care for the lyrics. They played in perfect pitch all the time, that's all that mattered then. Still does. I still watch their Royal Albert Hall dvd concert once in a while.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...........Though I would love to be with the who, for some reason I have a feelin I would be with the beach boys since I know how to play a ukulele better than a guitar :/
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