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What are your fondest memories of 2009? What were the low points? All told, what were the most significant events of 2009? Do you wish you could do it all over again?

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  • Fondest memories, Going to see Metallica in concert in, September of 09.  Then to see Rob Zombie in November of 09, that was a kick ass concert.   And December 3 & 4th seeing How the Edge stole Christmas.  I would have to say the most Significant of that was Getting to see the smile on Davey and Jades face when they recognized me.  Losing my job in November was my low point.  Now would I do that all over again?  HELL'S YES!

  • FONDEST: my grandsons birth. I have 4 girls and 1 granddaughter so a BOY! YAY!
    LOWEST: letting the loser of a fiance back in my life when he got out of jail. If I could do it all again NO I WOULD Not have let him, then he wouldn't have blown  the engine in my new car and left me and our baby stranded in a new place in a new town with no transportation.
  • 2009 was an interesting year. I saw myself change quite a bit as a person. The major low point of the year was three days into it when Simon dumped me. The following 3 months are a bit vague really. I do remember Valentine's Day though - it was the best one I'd ever had. I went down the Black Swan with people and just had fun =] Also found out something very interesting that night which I didn't believe until quite a bit later. Fondest memories are some which happened over the summer (involving a certain guy who's in love with Assassin's Creed) like the film day at Will's, and Becky's birthday night out =] Do I wish I could do it over? Yes and no. Part of me wants to, parts of me don't. So probably not.

  • 2009. Hmm...how could I describe 2009? It was such a big year, well a long year at least. It was filled with thousands of memories and hundreds of moments that I will never forget, and although it did have it's bad times and hardships I wouldn't want to redo it. I prefer to live in the moment of things and keep moving forward instead of fixing my past. Anyways I'll make a list of good events and bad events and I'll go in depth for some of the memorable ones. 

    • I made a lot of friends, good friends and best friends. This was the year I figured out who my true friends really were.
    • Discovered a lot of cool camps and really reconized all my artistic abilities I didn't think I had.
    • Traveled to many cool places!
    • MY BATMITZVAH! I'll never forget my Bat Mitzvah. It was almost a year ago, on March 28th 2009. It took a TON of work with memorizing, singing/reciting, learning, preparing, and more reading hebrew that I had ever read before. I used to be unhappy that I had to practice about 40 minutes a day, everyday and I'd have to see my hebrew tutor once or twice a week. Sometimes she'd criticize me a lot, which really bugged me, but then when I was first on stage--I was so nervous until a lady helping out the service told me something I'll always remember. When it was the Rabi's turn and I was about to read more prayers she said to me "You're doing great. Don't be nervous, though, you know that every one in the audience cares about you and if you mess up they will still like you." I soon realized she was right. This so wasn't a big deal! :) From then on I recited through the rest of my service making fewer mistakes than I thought. It was such an awarding feeling to have a Bat Mitzvah and it's something I recommend to other jewish girls. (Especially since you get to have a party and get lots of presents and money ;-D) It also helped me get over my public speaking fear. I mean, most people don't like giving speeches in front of the class and it still makes me kinda nervous, but in my mind I know that I can do it.
    • FREEDOM! Haha no I was not a slave...definately not, but I did get a lot more independence last year. This includes being able to shop with out a parent. (Cause trust me, shopping with your mom and your friends don't mix.) Also going to the beach with friends and going with friends in town alone.
    • I became a photographer :] I got my camera in 2008 and liked photography then of course, but 2009 was when I started to become better and more passionate about photography and its now my favorite hobby. I took a really amazing photo of a mountain in Oregon last summer. We were on a plane and my brother said "Oh my gosh, Justine! Look at that mountain! Get out your camera!" So I did and right next to the plane was a huge snowcapped mountain, a photo waiting to be taken. 
    • School play! First time being in a serious school play besides one in elementary school that didn't even have costumes and stuff. 
    • My own pet bunny! After my Bat Mitzvah, I got a gray pet mini rex rabbit named Lulu! She is so amazing! I love her to death (except cleaning her stinky litter box >.<), she came into my life just when I needed her the most. 
    • Losing friends through lies, rumors and fights. Girls can be soo mean and complicated! Guys really do have it easier >.<, but anyways..although I got a lot of friends in 2009, I lost a lot too. :( Some of my friends didn't get along and a few of my friends told lies and rumors about each other and a lot of friendships were broken. Some of my other friends, I sort of distanced from or just hung out with different people. As my mom says "It's a difficult age." But I did have a lot of friend problems last year, hopefully less this year, 2010. 
    • The death of Sporty. :'( I would go in depth a lot with this one, but I'm not going to because I don't wanna start crying. Sporty was an adorable mini schnauzer that had been in my family since I was really young. We had such fun times together and he was my favorite dog of all time. In 2009 however, he got sick--he had kidney problems because he was from a litter that was breeded and he inherited it I guess. He died in February or March or something, It was unbelievable to see such a healthy dog loose more than 1/3 of his body weight and shake when he walked and all my friends were so shocked. Many people supported me, but some made it worse when they brought it up and some people didn't know how to react. On the bright side, thats when I got Lulu (my mom said we couldn't get another dog, because my parents would be traveling a lot when I went to college so we wouldn't have time for a dog.) but I still wish we had him too. 
    • I got robbed! Yikes! It really was a freaky experience for my family and I. Luckily they didn't take any expensive jewelry or anything extremely important like my rabbit or money. Although, in 2008 my brother and I did dozens of chores and saved up several dollars to be able to buy our own wii. We had a lot of fun with it, but unfortuantely it got stolen. Now my mom won't buy another one for me, but I'm thinking of saving up again.....
    • (Wow this is all I can think of for bad moments! Maybe that's a good thing haha.)
    Yup, thats pretty much the main parts of 2009, hopefully 2010 will be even better. 

  • There are lots of memories for year 2009.

    Here are the Happy memorable things:

    1. I have gone to different places in our country.
    2. Our batch had gone out of town without our parents. Its a win. We went hiking for about 6 km. That was pretty tiring, but memorable
    3. We had over night at a friends house wherein we do our batch reunion. It happened for about 4 times this year. We can drink there and sing along all night long.
    4. I'm not shy when it comes to talking with other boys. Heeeeee.
    5. I learned how to catch fish the old way. Just the use of hook and nylon.
    6. They surprised me on my birthday. Gaaah. I never had a happy birthday since my birthday is a summer vacation. I never had the chance to hear my classmates singing me "happy birthday". I guess, I won't forget that forever
    7. Done something special and brave for my special guy friend during his birthday in FB.

    Some bad memories:

    1. I went to other universities in our country for entrance exams but I ended up here studying. What a waste of money?
    2. My batchmates are studying away now. I kinda missed them
    3. My old friend and I have some issues. I wished he will forgive me now. Its 2010 already.

    I hope that 2010 will be much much much memorable and happier :D
  • Hmm 2009 was really stressful and rather annoying. Nowhere near as fun as 08. Maybe 2010 will be better but I some how doubt that.

  • 2009 год мне очень понравился. Всего в моей жизни было два таких года. Это 2006 и 2009. Я не могу дать причины почему мне они так пришлись по душе, это ощущения. Ощущения которые навсегда очтались внутри. А какой год стал вашим любимым?

  • 2009... the year by which i have had the most memories, good ones and bad ones. tee hee. well, it was my O Level year so.... it is kindda expected right right?

    made me realise a lot of stuff... some things just became clearer to me. like who actually are my friends.... i see them all, like just so suddenly. even till now, to some of them i'd just smile and go along with it. but deep down inside, i already knew the answer. and i also come to know a wider group of people who actually had love&cared for me all along, just that i took them for granted&didnt actually notice their goodness. sorry ><" hahaa well, at least i know now! :D hehee.

    low points would be regarding friends and results i guess.... i got the worst results of all time! i cried. really, freaking. i cried for the first time in my life for academics that year.....

    significant? biao gu's wedding! (: hongkong, china.... hahaha oscar?  LOL no way, so see meimei, you're the one that likes him okays! wahhaha =D hehee. but i loooove going hongkonf. gorgeous food! :D
  • 2009 was one of the lowest years of my life so far. For so many reasons. And I will leave it at that. I hate banging on about the bad things that have happened to me in the past. My fondest memories probably were moving to Wales and starting uni, experiencing living independently, meeting some great and interesting people, and starting a relationship. For the first time in my life I'm actually happy with where I am and where I'm going, even if I moan about things still. Wow this is boring. I should be doing a final piece for uni. Rrrrrrrrr. I'm so crap at managing my work load and procrastination time. Someone tell me off.
  • 2009 год я просрал, обменяв время на новый опыт
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