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How do you usually spend New Years Eve? Do you like big parties, small celebrations with friends, or do you prefer to hang out by yourself? Is New Years a time of reflection for you?

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  • I do what's expected when you live in a country prized for being alcoholics, I get very drunk with my friends, Nothing beat's drinking with you're best friends and meeting new people, it's awesome I love it. 

  • i usually spend New Years Eve with all of my friends at a small get together. We all have a great time together just hanging out, listening to music, and talking about anything that comes to mind. To me New Years is a time for new beginnings and change. To prepare, i do a complete winter cleaning of my room and to get rid of everything i didn't need or have no use for anymore. i take some time to think about what i want to accomplish in the new year and how i want to change my self to be better.

  • When I was drinking I called it Amateur Night.
  • I'm usually celebrating New Year's in a small way, with either some friends or chillin with my parents, like I did this year. It would've been nice if my bro could've been here with us, but he was with his girlfriend and roommates, so at least he was having fun.

  • Всегда по-разному))))) Этот новый год я встречала дома с родителями)))
  • This year we combined the best of all - went to an English Country Dance for the first part of the evening, chatted with long-time friends &c, and headed out shortly after the band break to friends' place for more conversation, good food, viewing that glorious full blue moon from hot tub, and toasting the new year together. Splendid celebrations all around this year, that's what - and the sense of a good good year to come. Hope all o' yours may be as good, "or better" as Antiga said it.

  • Да конечно в кругу семьи и обязательно с друзьями .

  • I decided to do this writer's block thing, just for kicks and giggles, and I'm already at home by myself on New Year's Even anyway, so what does it matter if I spend it on the Internet, spewing to a few nonexistent people?

    Anyway, I don't think that I've ever attended a mungo New Year's Eve party--or any for that matter, mostly because I'm not allowed to stay out that late and I'm Vietnamese so the whole Chinese New Year's thing is a helluva lot more important than anything these silly Americans do. I think I prefer it that way. I mean, all people do on New Year's is DRINK anyway. You can do that anytime.

    When I'm older, I'll probably be going to parties, but I doubt that I'll ever throw any. And fireworks aren't even allowed in Arizona, so it completely defeats the purpose of celebrating New Year's! In my opinion.

    And as for the reflection thing: Every day is a day of reflection for me. I'm one of those dwellers. I dwell on things. So I always think about everything and consider everything and wonder this that them they until my head just about explodes. New Year's just makes it easier because it's like a UNIVERSAL restart, and it's more official, and so it's more relaxing and whatever. I think that that quote, "You can restart your day any time you want" is ridiculous. At least for me, because I can't do that. I'm a dweller remember? Dwellers just don't do that thing.

    Anyway. Moving on.

  • I sometime go to big partys or small celebrations
  • I like small celebrations with friends and yes it is a time for reflection for me i get to look back and see was i able to get anything done this year or was it spend B.S and trying to make other people happy while i stay miserable or saying what am going to do new this year and not doing not one of those things,
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