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When it gets unusually cold, snowy, and/or rainy, do you prefer to remain indoors? If there's a long stretch of bad weather, do you tend to get depressed and/or stir crazy? If so, how do you cope?

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  • No, I'm one of those people who really enjoy what is commonly referred to as 'bad weather.' It makes me very happy. My idea of bad weather is hot, sunny, and/or a blue sky, and it's only worse when there are little to no clouds. I like it when it's cold and rainy with a grey, cloudy sky. Unfortunately, I live in Australia now, so I get a lot of the former, and it never snows. I used to live in Scotland and have gone back a few times. I love the weather there and was always happy.

    So, when it's cold, snowy, and/or rainy, I will be outside. When my parents aren't looking, of course. Especially my mother, who is still under the impression that being cold will give you the cold, and that you need at least three layers of clothing to go outside in Scotland. In Australia, I will remain inside most of the time because it's so hot that I actually feel like I'm in pain. That probably sounds drama queenish, but I can't stand it. 30 degrees celsius is too much for me, and I'm obviously very sensitive to heat and light as it causes me a lot of discomfort. I'm very pale and don't tan - I turn bright red, no matter how much 30+ sunblock I put on.

    Enduring a long stretch of bad weather, such as the Australian summer I'm going through right now, does drive me crazy. I can't go outside and I'm always so angry. I do find that, after a while, I do get pretty miserable. I can occupy myself with texting friends, going on my laptop, or watching TV, but the heat makes me irritable and easily bored. Oh, and tired, really tired. Most of the time I just end up lying face down on the floor, or where ever I am, and groaning.
  • YES!!! I hate the cold, the rain, the snow...ew. Idc if it snowed for a week straight and I could go nowhere, I'd get some supplies, take hour long baths, read a bunch of books and bake! :)
  • Who says rain is bad weather? I LOVE RAIN. But I do get tired of the endless snow here. I don't really mind snow, but at some point it needs to melt. Luckily, the past few days have been above freezing, so it was pretty nice out today. I really wanted to go walking, but Jessalinn and I were so tired after work that we just took a nap. Then she left. T_T I love friend naps, but they always end. Anyway, I think I'm going to ask her to go walking with me tomorrow if it's still nice. Anyway, Mitchell wants to hang out, but I might post again later.

  • I can be a bit of a homebody sometimes, if I don't have to work I'll stay in except to nip out to the store for supplies. I like nothing better than my music playing and my favorite book/books to read and a pot of soup going in my slow cooker or something like a nice comfort food in the oven, Shepherds pie, or a ready bake loaf of bread to go with the soup/stew.
    I love to cook and it's better in bad weather.
    Having it really crappy out and the smell of everything filling the apartment and good tunes, a good book and a hot cup of tea. The only thing better is to have somebody with you to curl up with and share some quality time with.
  • When it gets unusually cold, snowy, and/or rainy, I like to be inside cause who wants to go ouside when it's cold unless I have to. I tend to get a bit crazy. I cope by doing stuff that makes me happy like reading and listening to music.
  • Hell no i dont stay indoors. I mean sure, thats totally nice and everything. But usually when its cold or raining...i like being outdoors. Especially if it hasnt rained in a while. I am still a child when it comes to that...I love going outside and just feeling the water. I do like being indoors, as long as a window is open. So I can feel the cool air from outside, and hear rain outside. It makes for a totally pleasant environment for me. Oh, especially if the room is like clean and everything is calm, and i am watching a movie or something like that. On top of that, you feel the air from outside.... OOOOH....so nice. Dont usually get depressed on rainy or cold days. If its a long stretch of raining and whatnot...thats pretty cool. It makes me happy when it rains. When it rains for long periods, the only disgruntlement is getting the bottoms of my pants wet. Since I am short, that usually happens.
  • I'd prefer to stay inside, I think, but we haven't got that option in all but the most brutal weather - Sanzo is quite the task-master about that! (Kidding, kidding!) Anyway, they say that staying mobile in the cold will keep the chill off, though I suppose that's invalidated somewhat by it being Hakuryuu who does the lion's share of the moving. I'm not at all fond of the rain. Since most of the others seem to agree, we generally find somewhere dry enough to stay until it ends. I don't tend to get "stir crazy" - Goku and Gojyo are much more likely to get that way, haha. I'm relatively content to stay indoors for long periods of time. ...ah. I think I may have missed part of the question. Oh well.

  • With the snow and rain I do prefer to stay indoors cause who wants to be outside in the cold?  With a long stretch of bad weather I do get depressed and I also loose my temper. I try to get out when its like that

  • Yes, on these days, I would much rather remain indoors, unless it is a gentle spring rain, in which case, I will grab an umbrella and walk down the wet street barefoot. 

    On the days I stay in for long periods of time, I will become depressed if I have things to do.  If I do not have some way to occupy my time, I will become stir-crazy, and nobody wants to see that ;D

    The way I rid myself of the depression is either to sleep, read a book about someone whose life is worse than mine, or take my anti-depressants for a change lol

     When I do become stir-crazy, I have a tendency to reorganize everything in my living space until it is up to my OCD standards.  I will then attempt to cook (and often burn/break/explode/light on fire/kill something).  I will play punk as loudly as technology will allow me to (usually with the windows open) and dance around until my neighbors either call the police or turn on some ungodly loud polka music.  If I am unable to do any of those things, mass murder usually ensues.  :D

  • It really depends on what kind of weather.
    If it's rainy and not lightning stikes every 5 seconds, then I often go out and dance in it. For serious. It's very refreshing and almost theraputic. I make a point not to stay out too long though so I do not get sick.
    If it's snowing, I might go out and look at it for a while before I get too cold and retreat indoors.
    However, if it is cold yet sunny and the sunlight reflects off of the snow thus being even brighter than usual, I stay inside as much as possible. It just kills my sensitive eyes and skin x_x
    For long stetches of bad weather, I just hope the roads keep clean and it doesn't become disaster-level.
    Quite honestly, I like when the weather shows some consistancy here. Because sometimes it will be subzero raging snow and then the next day 70+ sunshine. It's horrible.
    But if it's freezing and dangerous outside there is something I like to do.
    I like to just curlup with a blanket and watch videos that make me laugh and drink something warm and healthy.
    Laughing really is the best medicine for me.
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