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Writer's Block

The morning after

Do you usually experience a let-down after the holidays or a wave of relief that the social obligations are over?

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  • I was going back through the Writer's Block questions out of curiosity and came across this one. I felt prompted to answer. I am one of the ones who's relieved that the social obligations and total hectic holiday hell feeling is over. I used to really love going to family gatherings and seeing everyone. Now, I am frazzled with all the different places we have to go and fed up with playing nice with relatives and family friends that I don't particularly care for. The best part of my holiday this year was the time I spent with friends during low key evenings just hanging out and enjoying each others' company. I even enjoyed giving them their gifts more because I chose them carefully and knew that they would be appreciated. My family complains about the lack of time I spend with them. I can't tell them that I avoid them because the vast majority of the time we are together they are talking my ear off about God and Christian values I don't share. Their beliefs about certain topics even hurt and offend me. I rarely say anything when any such topic comes up because I don't want to start World War III or ostracize myself from my family. I really don't know how to deal with the situation any better than I have in the past. I don't want to avoid my family. I love my mother and her parents. I don't want the remaining years I have left with my grandparents to be wasted because we can't agree on what's right and what's wrong. Even my father's side of the family, as small as it has become, is tense when politics or football comes up. It's all so stupid. Any suggestions? I'm generally pretty good at being the peace-keeper, but it's difficult when I want to stand up for myself without hurting everybody else's feelings.

  • Новогодние каникулы... казалось бы: смотришь на каледнарь и думаешь "Неужели нельзя за все это время нагреть задницу дома до степени закипания?" Оказывается нет. Во-первых: Бурно встретить Новый Год. С фейерверками, оливье, гулянием до утра, ну в общем все как полагается. Следовательно два дня еще отсыпаться нужно. К тому же во время встречи Нового Года одним из самых посещаемых мест является кухная, а следовательно холодильник. Так что после его встречи там ничего (практически) не остается. Так что после новогоднего отходняка нужно посетить магазин и выйти оттуда с большой тележкой в четвертый день. На пятый день отправляемся в молл за подарками на Рождество. Шестой день: именно в этот день ночью и будет Рождество так что есть чем заняться любителям ночных служб. Седьмой день: время на отдых после Рождества, особенно для вышеуказанных. На восьмой день может внезапно возникнуть желание пойти на каток, в кино или куда хочешь. Девятный день: полный exhaustion, не хочется никого видеть, слышать, хочется просто тихо и спокойно посидеть дома. На десятый день появляется осознание того что через день в школу (в универ, на работу) и в самом деле отдыха не было... Nuff Said

  • i never experience a let-down after the holidays. the holidays has to be one of my favorite times of the year. it just feels so magical and amazing. i get into full holiday christmas spirit, making christmas cookies and picking out presents for all my loved ones. I get so happy every time the season comes around. i even make and decorate gingerbread cookies and gingerbread people with my girlfriend. i feel so connected with my peers and everyone just seems to be in a happier mood.

  • I experience the chilling realisation that I am returning to work.
  • a little bit of both, i think. it's nice to have family around for the holidays, but sometimes it can feel overcrowded in my opinion. it's just strange when your house was full of people for days, though, and all of a sudden it's back to feeling quiet and empty. at least we all have the memories and (being a little materialistic ,but) presents to enjoy as well. am i right?
  • All i can say is thank God the Holidays are OVER!!!!!

  • I hate the way things feel the day after Christmas. The whole year you look forward to Christmas and in an instant it's gone. It's like a first kiss, you look forward to it as a little girl, because to you it's this magical moment, and when it happens, it's over. You will never have another FIRST kiss ever again. However with Christmas you get one every year. Anyway, I always muddle through a little mini "depression in the week or so following Christmas. Just because during Christmas, my family is nice to each other, my friend are more open to spending time together, things at school are starting to wind down a bit. There's (to sound more than a little cliche) a sense of magic in the air. And then it's gone. Out in the trash like the bags and bags of wrapping paper.

    I hate it.
  • A combination of both. I really enjoy getting together with family and friends, but also there is the strain of finding the right thing for everyone. We put so much emphasis on being jolly and happy the whole time between Thanksgiving and Christmas that we tend to forget what we are supposed to be celebrating. If we could focus more on that and less on the rest, I think we would all be a lot happier.

  • A little bit of both actually. I hate that the holidays are over because even though they are mind boggling, nerve racking, stress stirring events, they always end up making on to my memory board!
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