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Tonight, tonight

If you celebrate Christmas, what will you do this evening? If you don't, will you still do something festive or is it just another night?

Answers (335)

  • to be holly, for a moment - thanks 
  • humblenness, huh?

    Did mom kiss santa clause ?

  • If this was Christmas Eve,
    I'd hold
    Kristos,     Father-Time,      Valentino,      Avrilo,      Our Easter Bunny,       Our Saint Hallows Eve Prince of Darkness, as well, lol,...,                                                      OUR            
    Saint Nicolas
    inside me,
    and Hope that He might feel appeased this ...
    Christmas Eve!

             !                        As well as thank-him for my friends, co-workers , family, and Him giving Himself to ME!                                                         !

  • Wrapping my tail around the sacred cohage while dressed in a nabwib, praying with other family members.
  • Отмечаю зачетным богохульством, либо просто игнорирую

  • my family and i celebrate christmas on christmas eve and christmas day. on christmas eve, we celebrate noche buena since we are hispanic. it is a night of great food and loud music. we even cook an entire pig out in the back yard. it is the most delicious thing on this planet. all of our friends and family come over to celebrate with us. on christmas day we wake up super early to open the presents that are left under the tree for us and eat left overs from the night before.
  • Well Christmas eve the family all gets together and has a huge dinner. We eat baked beans, ribs, corn pudding, EVERYTHING. After dinner we each get to open one present choosing which one we want. We ll usually go to bed really lae and even though we know santa clause doesnt exist we stil leave out carrots for the reindeer and milk and cookies for santa.
  • This is a bit late, but today, we went to my aunt's house for dinner and to open a few gifts, and then my family & I went back home and opened gifts together. It was a nice, mellow day.

  • В сочельник буду раскладывать карты Таро.

  • Рождество - не верю я в этот праздник....
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