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Take this job and shove it ...

Have you ever walked off a job on the spot? What drove you to it? Did you regret it afterwards?

Answers (372)

  • Yes. I have walked off the job on the spot. Many a job, actually. What drove me to it? Rebellion. Did I regret it? Not at all!!!
  • Yes, I have walked off a job.  I was working for CVS as a Manager.  One night I did a return on an item of an X-employee.  She did not have a receipt.  She had come iin store and straight to the counter with return.  I the next night had a visit from someone from Corporate who acused me of basically allowing her to steel.  They requested I fill out a report.  I was so hurt and mortified  that they questioned my honesty I left.  I drove to the Police Department and reuested a lye detector test.  Police said they do not issue them like that.  I went home gathered every receipt to every item I could find that I had ever purchased at CVS and first thing in the morning I went into the store and returned everything, almost a hundred dollars worth of stuff` probably 40 or more items.  This was approx. 10 years ago.  I have only returned to a store in another state on occasion to get a perscription.  But have a deep down hate for the company.

  • никогда не увольнялась, а поэтому и не жалела :)
  • Have I ever walked off of a job on the spot? The answer would be a resounding YES. The individual who drove me to it was a spoiled rich woman who was my boss but acted more like my child, she was at least 35 years my senior at the time. UGH.... Did I regret it? NO. It was the best thing I ever did. I stayed home for 10 months with my two year old daughter. After that I went to work for another rich woman, but she had a heart and was use to doing everything for herself. I literaly had to create my own position. To this day I thank God for Susan, she was my savior. If it hadn't been for her I would never have had the courage to go back to school to get my degree. She was one of the individuals that convienced me to go back to college. Thank you for everything.

  • Конечно, я ещё молод, и, соответственно, моя трудовая книжка имеет пока-что одну только запись, но так сложилось в конце этого года, что я всё-таки принял решение уйти из той компании, в которой работаю в данное время, и сделал этого отнюдь не спонтанно, потому что не верю в смысл таковой, а потому, что это предшествовал ряд существенных и важных причин. Одна их причин заключается в том, что я люблю когда работа доставляет мне удовольствие, и пока это так - мне хочется работать, как только работа становится нудной и появляется желание забить - нужно её менять. Вот так я и сделал.

    А ещё, по-моему Дейл Карнеги, однажды сказал: "Если утром вы встаёте с постели и вам не хочется идти на работу, то её нужно менять", и я полностью согласен с этой мыслью. Конечно бывают такие ситуации, когда просто устал, то в таком случае можно взять отпуск, но когда прекрасно себя чувствуешь но идти не хочешь - нужно уходить.

  • i worked at a food city once when i was 17 and at the time i was living with my grandfather who was diagnosed with lung cancer taking care of him. My mom text me while i was at work and said he was taking his lasts breaths and when i told the manager i needed to leave and why he said if i couldnt come back and finish my shift not to come back at all so i threw my name tag in his face called him a stupid bitch and walked out. My papaw died later that day...
  • I have. There were supposed to be 4 people there in the morning and 1 to come later in the afternoon. The only ones that showed up were me and this boy who had class at 5 and I who left at 5 because I was covering for some stupid hoe that got knocked up. So apparently no one can bother to call me if others don't show up but they will call and worry my mother because I showed up late 15mins one day cause of traffic and rain.....not cool So now I was stuck doing all the work and keeping the department picked up along with restocking cause the boys job was just bringing merchandise from the containers outside. So ok we are two workers down its my day off and I had to inconvenience my newly acquired boyfriend at the time(2years ago). I was ok till it was 4 and neither I or the boy had taken our hour breaks and he had to go at five and the relief had not shown up. So I told him take your break come back clock in and clock out. If the girl does not show I will leave regardless. It is not my responsibility to break my back for 7 an hour and make up for the lack of responsibility on their parts. From 8 am till 5-30pm doing the work of four people is not cool.
  • When I was 19 or 20 I worked for a casino in Indiana as a dishwasher. i got a weeks supended for a job that wasn't in my line of duty to do, without pay, and when i came back and was told that they made a mistake on giving me a suspention. Well my first day back to work, in mid shift which was their busiest hour, I took my apron off and walked out of the dishroom. My manager stopped me and asked me where i was going and I said that if they can make a mistake in suspending people, then it was a mistake for me to work there. I smiled and walked off. God that still gives me goosebumps to this day remembering that, oh good times!
  • Very recently I walked off of a job at Winn-Dixie, while on my lunch break. I went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and just decided that I would not go back to work. I was getting so tired of not being able to make the co-manager happy and my department manager happy, so I just left. My department manager was fun to work with and she was very understanding, so she really wasn't the problem, it was mostly the co-manager, Greg, who was the problem. Anytime that I would work with him, which was becoming everyday that I worked, he would go out of his way to contradict whatever my department manager would tell me to do that day. It really seemed like he wanted the department manager to be mad at me the very next day, and for the most part it would work, until I explained to her about how Greg was telling me to do the exact opposite of what she was telling me to do, and because he is higher up on the totem pole of the company, I had to do what he said. The department manager would understand, which was good, but it became so tiring to have to explain myself everytime I came into work. You see I worked in the bakery at Winn-Dixie, which the bakery is a perishable department, and there is a certain way you run a perishable department. You don't run it like you would a hardware department or even the grocery department, you really have to be much more careful in a perishable department because all the items have a very short shelf life. So in a bakery, you only need to put out just two of every item, and if one of those items sale before they go out of date, you replace the one item that sold with the same item. If you do this, you will keep your shrink down, also known as, what you throw away everyday. Greg, the king of all idiots, would want me to put out more than what was needed out on the shelf, so what would happen is everyday the bakery department would have a really high shrink, which is not good, obviously. Well, because shrink would be high, the department manager would get in trouble and if the shrink continued to be high everyday, she would eventually get demoted and another person would have to come along to replace her. Which is really rediculous and it really seemed that Greg wanted that to happen, or else he was just really stupid and had no idea of what he was doing. I really would like to think that Greg is just an idiot who had no idea of what he was doing, it just seems so heartless for him to go out of his way to get an employee demoted for whatever reason. But then again, I shouldn't be so naive, some people are just heartless and don't want to see anyone else succeed in a company. Sometimes I regret it, especially now that I am looking for another job and not having a whole lot of luck. But then there are other times that I know that if I didn't quit when I did, I knew it was inevitable. I knew things were just going to get worse everyday and it's better to get out sooner rather than later.
  • Once, it was at a Taco del Mar, the owner was a friends step-mother and she was running the place into the ground, could not take criticism and exploded when i told her I didn't exactly appreciate the way she treated the male workers(no smiles, all orders; while being all friendly with the girls) never listened to any advise I gave her about the store and finally had a last showdown over some petty thing which was the last straw and I cursed the place for ever existing and poorly employing people. I have never regretted doing or saying the things i did, since I have found out that the place did go out of business over many of the things I said and as I have found out since under her orders the store was breaking several food laws.
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