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Holiday blues

What is the most emotionally challenging aspect of the holidays for you? Do you enjoy this season more or less than you did as a child?

Answers (368)

  • я нет!

  • Это самый яркий праздник, отличающийся от других. Все начинается, с удовольствия приобретения подарков для друзей, поиск, может даже охота,  это очень приятно и азартно. Сам процесс подготовки к встрече Нового года, именно он, самый волнительный, я бы наверное точнее сказала, больше хлопотливый.  Хочется приготовить что-то оригинальное, не стандартное, красиво сервировать стол, подготовить праздничные свечи. Настоящую елку и ель мне не придется наряжать, а вот хотелось бы, так что симпатичной заменой будет неплохо смотреться и делиться ароматом хвои, небольшая, горшечная, но при этом настящая елочка. В прошлом году, такая елочка, даже предпочла подрасти у меня в горшке, но пересадку не перенесла, а зря, в этом году, могла бы присутствовать на торжестве:))) Настроение приподнятое и веселое. Многие начинают присылать поздравительные открытки, с разными пожланиями и красиво оформленные, они, напоминают и дополнительно являются радостными вестниками. Сейчас, варианты, для встречи Нового года многочисленны и не составит особого труда, сделать свой выбор, поэтому, каждый Новый год, особенный. В детстве, все знали заранее и повторялось раз за разом стандартная встреча праздника, даже программа плановая по тв, собирала всех у экранов, хотя радости было не меньше и елки, всегда, в моем детстве, были только настоящие с игрушками-прищепками, просто фонариками и сладостями, не чувствовалась обделенность, но и ностальгии по тому времени нет, просто, легкое, светлое воспоминание.
  • Everything is the most emotionally challangeing aspect of holidays for me...! I enjoyed this season more as a child for sure than what I do now. Each year is getting worse... finding more and more reasons to like this time of year less. Sad but true.
  • Well, I'm 14 and when all of my family comes over i always seem to find some kind of fight going on, whether it being the kids running and fighting or my mom yelling telling everyone to get the f*** out the kitchen. Holidays are crazy, movies make them seem like a peice of cake.
  • Christmas is the holiday I despise the most....reasons why... The stress of having to get people who count themselves your friend yet only see you every six months is in and of itself absurd. The fact that you yourself spend so much time thinking of others and no one else bothers about you is depressing. So you get your work bonus and your like "these could be my glasses which I need or the new brakes for the car" but instead you have to spend it on people who only call when they have no one else or have a problem. Don't get me wrong...I know people are busy however the fact is people no longer see this as a season to be together but a time to give and get presents. As a child there used to be family parties so yes I did sometimes enjoy it as a child to be surrounded by family. Now not anymore especially if your broke and jobless you feel even more guilty when you recieve presents.  
  • Less and less every year, and it depresses the fuck out of me.
  • Being single and alone. Visiting family is fun, but most of the time I feel like I just don't fit in, no matter how hard they try to make it otherwise. My enjoyment of the season tends to fluctuate from year to year. This year, I'm just not that into it... The celebrating and the parties... It all seems so superficial to me. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have no money to give gifts or send cards this year.
  • Well, Christmas is so so family oriented in my family. It's hard to say, really. That might be part of the stress. How will we keep Denmark and Sweden from killing each other, how will we keep Sealand from finding the gifts again this year. Whose house are we going to, if I'm hosting, what am I going to serve, what decorations am I going to put up. What should I get for Finland, how will I know someone else hasn't gotten her the same thing, &c. It's really challenging sometimes and you don't want to even make the effort but it's always worth it, every time. I really do love Christmas, the entire season's holidays (because I also celebrate Yule and the solstice) because it makes me remember how close we all are as a family despite everything that's happened in the past years. And, well. When I was a kid Christmas didn't exist. I've always liked the snow, though. So, as long as it isn't rain I love Christmas weather.
  • Well when I was younger it was all about getting presents. I spent so much time making and perfecting my Santa Clause list with my sister. We would cut out picture from the Sears toy catalog and paste them in a list. We would spend forever editing our list so it wsent too long becaue we didnt want to be gready. If course it was still a few pages long. We never recieved the gifts on the list but for some reason we didnt notice. We were just so excited. Now Christmas it's all about givng the perfect gift to me. I think and plan for this season all year. Its become my obsession to give the perfect gift. I guess I didnt get what I wanted for so long that I just need to make sure everyone else does. And when I actually get to give the gifts away Im even more happy than when I was as a child. I can't wait to see if I was correct and got the perfect gift. Recieving my gifts is always the worst part I just feel really bad about pretending to like what a got and trying to be apreciative because if I dont tell people exactly what I want they can never guess. For me telling you want I want kills part of the joy because I already know what it is. I really just wish I was infinatly wealthy just so I could give the perfect gift to everyone on my list. I just realized the reason im always getting stressed around Christmas i because I keep forgetting this is Jesus' Birthday and that's what's really important. Maybe I should give him a gift this year. I could give him my new years resolution, I mean I could do something for him for New Years. I'll have to think on this.
  • The Christmas music drives me insane. Especially having to work during the xmas season and hearing the same songs OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I despise the tacky snowmen and reindeer. Not too fond of Santa. I hate how everyone acts like chickens with there heads cut off during this time of year. Something I always hated as a kid and still do now is when people ask you what you got for Christmas. I never got anything I really wanted but now that I think about it I couldn't really think of something I REALLY want this year. Maybe a cute coat or Adidas Campus in navy blue. I also thought I would want a few DS games or some Skinny Jeans. I also want a 24 karat gold necklace to put my charm that I have on because I lost my old one. Sigh. My parents already bought me a crap ton of stuff though when I went down to see them last month. I have yet to beat my current games that I have for DS too though. I am just glad that XMAS is almost over! No more bad music! No more Beach Boys Christmas songs! The other day Michael and I went to Walmart to buy blades for our windshield wipers and they were playing Lady Gaga in there. I was like wtf Why can't they play Lady Gaga at my work! It would actually make it more enjoyable. >_<
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