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Who is your best friend and why she or he is so important to you?

Answers (329)

  • my best friend is the greatest person in the world. Danielle. I don't know what i'd do without her. Everything we've been through has just made us even better friends and I know when she comes home in 2 months time we'll be just a close as ever. miss you dani x
  • My best friend is quite simply amazing. I have known her for seven years now and she never ceases to amaze me. We are so similar in some ways, meaning that we like the same films, have similar taste in music and our sense of humour means that we often end up finishing each others' jokes at parties. On the other hand, we dress differently, we are different sizes, we have almost polar taste in men... all the things we might fight about, we don't! She is my best of both worlds and even though we now live in different cities I know she is always there for me, as I am for her. She is the most honest friend I have, I trust her judgment implicitly and I really cannot imagine life without her. I love you, Rie xxxxx

  • I have a whole bunch of best friends. I'll list all of them here and why they are important to me.

    Sam-REALLY funny, lets me do stupid shit and doesn't get mad at me often, pretty, we have fun at her house, also we have had many cool parties together
    Pip-Will sit and read with me when we have sleepovers, obsesses over JW with me, cute, her house is awesome!
    Karlee-Cute, cute, cute! Random, funny, silly, awesome to be around
    Austyn-Goes to Youth with me, we are BUS QUEENS!, is willing to try new things, stylish, we painted her room together, awesome

  •      My best friend is a hard decision to make because I actually have 3 main good friends. I have some relatives that are great friends. However, after thinking long & hard on it, my BEST friend would have to be Jon. Why you ask? Well, because he knows nearly all there's to know about me & loves me anyway. My other friends only know parts of me. It seems they all 3 mainly know different parts of my personality so each is important to me in different ways.
         Back to talking about Jon, we are so much alike it's crazy. We are all the time saying something & the other has done or felt the same way. Our problems & feelings always seem to match up with one another so the other understands where the other is coming from. That makes it so much easier to confide in someone when you know that they will understand. He doesn't try to fix me. He just listens & responds & I like that. He has suffered so much more than me in life & that makes me sad, but at the same time I know that's what makes us so close. We have the same hobbies. We both love the Twilight series. Lots of things are alike. He is special to me & I hope he realizes so.

  • My NFA amigas definitely. They're all just so utterly amazing. Willow, Cloud, Star, Flower and Gem( um, what's Gem's NFA name, guys?)
    I really love you guys *super NFA hugs*

  • My best friend is blank and she is literally my other half. I never have to feel embarassed or ashamed when I am with her. I can totally be myself with her and never have to worry about her judging me in any way. I can say whatever is on my mind with her. I can share anything with her. I trust her with my life and am never afraid to share my deepest secrets with her. There is never a care in the world when I am with her. We love all the same things and when we find something new to love we always make sure the other one loves it just as much (even if it means constantly teasing them about how much they like it but wont admit it). We dont see eachother much anymore, but we always make an effort to talk at least everyday. I will never get bored of her, ever. I can go on forever here about her, but I would be here for months. I love her and I know she loves me. We will always be there for eachother no matter what. I swear she is my long lost sister. Allie I love you from the bottom of my heart :)

  • the NFA are. Don't know what I'd do or be without them. They keep me going. They're important cos they're the only ones who understand references. Allonz-y you guys!!

  • My Best friend' name is Dan he has been my Best friend for over five years.
     He is one of the only people who understand me. Even if I don't understand him all of the time.
    And even though I have had the BIGGEST crush on him for nearly three years now and haven't seen him for nearly a year.
    He still one of THE most important people in my life.
    And though he had moved on to girlfriends and a new best friend he will ALWAYS be one of the most influential people in my life.
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