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Name your passion

What are you most passionate about and why?

Answers (535)

  • Things that are eternal.

    "If you read history you will find out that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next." C.S.Lewis

  • Профессиональная деятельность за возможность творчества.
  • Had you asked me this a yr ago or more I would of said without a doubt.... Music. Promoting bands, listening to music, collecting music, creating music, writing lyrics, watching music videos, etc. Now I'm not 100 percent sure that music is what I am most passionate about still. Honestly I don't know if I am passionate about anything lately. It seems this year esp. when I get passionate about say for example music again. Like I come across this amazing band and I want nothing more than to help this band out. Get the word out about their music and help increase their fanbase. I contact the band and then get a road block aka mostly management. Management controls them so much & every aspect that it's not possible to help promote the band and get the word out. First it fusterated me... but then after talking to some friends online I realized it's the bands lose and managements lose as well. But enough about that. So besides music hmmm... Idk. Maybe I'd say I'm passionate about all stuff South African but then again that leads back to or is connected to the music. I guess although some would say I am passionate about music... I'd say that spark that once was there that force that drove me etc is gone or fading more and more. What about you dear reader? What are you most passionate about and why?
  • Films and music. So media, I guess, because I always get obssessed with certain celebrities as well *cough*Tom Felton*cough* I always end up with these unstoppable obssessions over certain films, bands/artists and people. They can last for days or months (I'm still obssessing over Green Day after 5 years), and I'm always reading up and collecting everything I can get my hands on about that thing. With films it's alright, because I've ended up with an awesome film collection :D, same with music. But with celebrities, it can get quite hard. You can collect their films and CD's, but fanfiction works as well :D But that's obssession, not passion. But it is the obssessions that are one of the things that fuel my passion. I've sort of used it against itself, and I find how films work and everything really interesting and I can really get into it (because of the obssession I end up getting over it). I sort of play them off against each other. Tazz xx
  • I am most passionate about the ones I love. Take my family for instance. I can teasingly say that my sister annoys me to death or that I think that my parents are too protective, but if I hear another making fun of them, I stand up for them. Also for the ones I love, my friends, If they're feeling down, I do everything I am capeable of to free them of that stupor.
  • Music. Hands down. I think that I'm so passionate about Music because just one song, can tell so many stories or have so many emotions. It's powerful enough to save peoples lives as it is to break them down into tears. It can be anything and be passionate. Rap is my least favorite music and I've broken into tears from some brilliant Rap songs that were well written. I've cried at a song that my Choir was sampling, it was really great and I'm not a big fan of choir music either! That is why music is my one true love.
  • Human rights and in particular the right to keep and bear arms.
  • Working towards doing "The Right Thing", because I have learned that my actions have to power to hurt or support the ones I love as well as being a detrament to my - self. To keep trying to not act "foolishly", and try not keep "chasing" a life that is not in mine but also not in my families and friends best intrest.And to have patience with their choices, even though I may not agree with them. For they have not lived my life, and do not know how damaging their choices really are.
  • BOOKS!!! There are just somethings that only text can display, books take you to another world sometimes intirely diffirent from your own! Movies are great but they don`t display the kind of emotion text can.
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