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Do you put up decorations for the holidays? If so, when do the decorations go up and when do you take them down?

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  • OK. This is embarassing. Christmas lights still up on the back deck. These things are coming down today. Photobucket
  • I Only put up decorations at Christmas time! Merry Christmas! ~Kristi
  • Да, буду. Украшать начну как обычно перед самым Новым годом, этак числа 28-30 декабря. А снимать буду где-то в конце января.
  • sergei.stalnov
  • No i guess i stopped believing in the holidays for a reason of my own and I have become a modern day scrooge
  • I do not put up decorations for the holidays.
  • Yes, I do put up decorations for Christmas. But the times that they actually go up differs.. like, last year, we put them up the day before Christmas (lazy family..) but this year, we put them up two days ago, December 5th. I'm not quite sure when we take them down. Last year we had to take them down in a rush, because the day after Christmas or something, we booked a trip to Disney World and we were supposed to leave that day. It's probably a week or so after Christmas when we take them down.
  • Yeah, but only for Chinese New Year(: They usually go up one day before the holiday and taken down after 1 month or so? That's because CNY is supposed to last for 15 days. :D And we get a little too lazy to take them all down right after the event.
  • Well, now that it's near christmas, our decorations are all up. This year it's a bit less than usual, since several things stayed with my mother's ex, but it's still beautiful to look at. We started the decorations at the end of november. The christmas tree will be done close to christmas, 20th or something like that. But unfortunately, the decorations mostly just last till the 6th of january or something alike. The same goes pretty much for eastern. A few weeks before the decorations will be set up and about 2 weeks later it will slowly taken away. Only those decorations which fit for the generel spring atmosphere will stay. Those are pretty much all the decorations we have for holidays. Other decorations are only the seasonal ones. For example for autumn hedgehogs, several decorations with leaves in autumnish colours like orange, brown,... I think all the decorations are really important, if there wouldn't be any one day in the year, it would seem a bit empty.
  • My sister's birthday is the 17th so she aways wants the tree up the night before. We usually take the stuff down the day before we go back to school (early january)
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