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Gifted Ideas

What’s the perfect gift to give to the person who has everything?

Answers (291)

  • Hmm... To a person who has everything, I would probably give a good journal book as a perfect gift. Since they probably have everything as far as technology goes, they might be too busy to pen something down. So, I would give them a good journal book so they make themselves time to just pen down thoughts and muse over it after some time. I hope they would like it.
  • This Person is the God who has everything. Therefore, a pure prayer only should be a proper present.
  • A picture collage of the two of you together, in a cool board, frame, or album. They had everything, and now they have you, too.
  • time...that's exactly how my dad is. he has everything. yet he has no time. it's a sad life really...but oh well.
  • BIG LOVEEEEEEE <3 and Friendship :)
  • Thats simple. Love. Someone may have everything but that doesn't mean they arent lonely. They may seem like some rich snob but that exactly another reason they need some love. "Stuff" is NEVER a subsitute for that. Ever.
  • the best gift for someone who has everything is love,someone they can trust and know you arent after material things but in need of a good friend.give them a voice to protest being walked all over and a getaway from reality in a smile,laughter and hope.because no one gets enough of love,its impossible.
  • Either a list of what you want, a free meal, or a gift card. Or a hug. Hugs work, too.
  • Something you can make like cookies and also homemade ornaments. Or just time. Take that person to lunch.
  • Underwear....yep that's what I would do. I would get the person underwear....
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