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Daily Internet routine

What's your daily internet "routine"?

Answers (199)

  • Msn which leads to email, then twitter, tumblr, youtube, facebook and livejournal, simeutaneously.
  • It changes every few weeks. I normally restore my previous tabs, check e-mail, go my favorite websites: last.fm, pogo, facebook, myspace, livejournal. Recently when I'm on it it's just restoring my previous tabs work which is mostly research, recipes, and pogo.

  • Check mail
    Read humour sites/LJ communities for lulz
    Watch anime or Asian horror movies
    My shame - FaceBook games
    Read uplifiting sites like GivesMeHope.com and ItMadeMyDay.com
    Check for any updates in music, movies, or books coming out soon
    Then go on to do random crap, maybe answer stuff on Yahoo! Answers, go on to some forums or communities
  • Get ready for the biggest freakin' linklist EVER in this entry. The first thing I do when I get online is check my comics. MWF: XKCD, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, and Other People's Business The others operate on different schedules. Natalie Dee is daily, seven days a week. The same is true of Devil's Panties, Least I Could Do, Cyanide and Happiness, and SMBC. Wondermark updates Tuesday/Friday. Kate Beaton updates Hark, A Vagrant whenever she updates it. Three Panel Soul is usually a Monday thing. The Book of Biff updates weekdays. Pictures for Sad Children updates whenever. And those are just my regulars. I check back on KC Green's stuff every now and then, as is the same with Oglaf and Rob and Elliot. When I'm done there, I hit a few sites to crawl for new pictures, check my Deviantart messages, and sling over to GPX+ to check on my pokeymanz (because I am a colossal nerd). After that I usually trawl fanfiction.net for badfic or listen to music on Pandora or youtube (no links here because I am lazy, and it should be pretty freakin' easy to find those sites). Occasionally I watch some vlogbrothers stuff or go read interesting, insightful things, but mostly I waste time on here, doing the above and occasionally updating this piece of filth that you are feasting your eyes on at this very moment. An absolutely fascinating experience, isn't it? Being my browser, I mean. Poor Firefox doesn't tend to take too kindly to being neglected, really. Adult content-ing this because I'm linking to something explicit, even if it DOES have a warning page.
  • Hey guys, I'm new on Livejournal and I thought that this question seemed appropriate since I'm hoping to make my journal apart of my internet routine! Before I created this account however, I would start off my routine by checking my Facebook (I'm kinda addicted to the applications-- Farmville, anyone? XD). After ignoring many odd requests I create a new tab, and open MLIA (mylifeisaverage.com : I TOTALLY recommend this site-- you'll be laughing for hours!). After this, I go to FML (fmylife.com : meh, interesting, less then MLIA) , and then I go to jakeandamir.com and see If they've uploaded a new video (which are hilarious!). Then sometimes I check the new daily comic at explosm.net (cyanide and happiness). And if I'm REALLY bored, I go to icanhascheezburger.com which provides heart-warming hilarity in the form of pictures of kittens. Yes, kittens. Now keep in mind that throughout all of this, I have a youtube open with one of my favorite songs playing. Lately I've been listening to a classic: Breakfast at Tiffany's. Anyone like?
  • aol, facebook (cafeworld), gaiaonine, deviantart, gmail, both myspaces (one personal, and one artistic), yahoo, liverjournal, then if i get bored, ebay! LOL sometimes i can has cheezburger.com gets tossed in the mix, as we as, thepaincomics
  • This struck me as interesting since I was recently contemplating my online life... Since I have only online classes, I initially get online with the purpose of doing work first, but I have unfortunately been addicted to webcomics for the past few months. I follow about 16 that update regularly, and about 3 or 4 more that don't. Thanks to a computer nerd in my biology class, I learned a place I could put the links to these comics to make reading them more efficient. So after I read those, I check out the Escapist where I watch Zero Punctuation, Escape to the Movies with Movie Bob, Unskippable, and Doomsday Arcade (if they've been updated). I highly recommend ZP & DA if you like to laugh & ZP is who I trust for game reviews. Then I check out DeviantArt and see if my favorite artists have uploaded anything new. But if not, or after I get bored, I get started on homework. Despite my efficiency, I somehow end up spending a lot of time wasting h/w time. And lately, if the Muse strikes me I'll waste time drawing. Which has actually made me rethink my major. Oh well, that's my Internet routine. What's yours?
  • Hm, let's see. 1. Log onto AIM 2. Check my emial 3. Check my facebook 4. Go to fictionpress 5. Go to my edline 6. Go to youtube 7. Go to AOL 8. Go to bing (I check out the new pictures religiously) 9. Research (schoolwork) This is a VERY brief list of what I do online. The list, in reality, is much longer and much more in depth. It's extremely complicated. I'm what one would call a cyber-addict. It's actually really sad, but you learn a whole lot. There are days where I deviate from this list, but these are my core sites.
  • What ish my daily internet "routine"? Well, seeing how I am in school; number one thing I have to check when I get on is my emails. Then I go on to Facebook.com, Twitter.com, and YouTube.com. On FaceBook I have to check what my friends are up to and tell the world that I am awake. Also on twitter! XDD Then on youtube I check my IGN DailyFix and Machinima's videos! There is a big break from my computer and I check the same 3 things in class on my iPod touch. When I get home, I do the same thing and get on Skype... Lastly (I just restarted LJ), I update my LiveJournal. XD What a random routine.
  • Ha Ha! I've been waiting for a question like this! Lol!Well then here would be my most common "routine". -Check my Yahoo (email) -Check my Live account (email) -Go on Facebook -Then other websites like devianart.com livejournal.com google.com websites like that(:
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