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First things first

What’s the first thing you do when you log into your computer everyday?

Answers (348)

  • Go back to the kitchen and make breakfast, and then watch a recorded TV show on it.
  • I change my desktop background then I log into my Cozi account.
  • I check my email and check my facebook and twitter. Wow that sounds so sad. HAHA
  • my daily routine log on play 1 game of solitaire log onto myspace check yahoo check facebook check twitter check myyearbook then at night i log on to livejournal because its a journal and its sopose to be about your day i mean come on
  • start my Internet browsing baby =) all of my tabs are already set up and logged in. gotta love technology.
  • First is usually getting the desktop loaded and stable. Then usually hit firefox to do some internet browsing. I also quick start pidgin and winamp at the same time. multi-tab open in firefox all sites I want to check open then slowly click through them. start skype, check to see if anyone is online i want to talk to. check torrents and/or downloads to make sure they are fine. Watch any new anime or shows. Check E-mail and messages. Start the Day's work.
  • Actually, the first thing I do is log on to Myspace. It's so addicting! People think it's pointless but when I love it when i see that new photo comment of friend request. It's an addiction.
  • check my yahoo email and then check my facebook ^^ and i start googling' whatever I can think of ...mostly checking Expedia's deal(love the thought of going on a vacation) ...and when I can't think of anything else to google... ...i play online poker...
  • first is the email then i blog for a while or homework
  • I open my folders and FireFox
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