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My Favorite Apps

What are your favorite web or mobile apps? Which ones do you use everyday?

Answers (64)

  • My favorite mobile app is the "I Am T-Pain" app. I just got the app last week and i use it everyday on my iTouch. With the app you are given the power to record your voice with an auto-tune effect over several different T-Pain instrumentals. Since rap is one of my hobbies i write poetry and rap to the instrumentals and the auto-tune effect is what makes it fun. The auto-tune works as a synthesizer and it tunes your voice to the right pitch to make you sound like you can sing. This app is addicting to me and i have decided that it would be best for me if i didnt bring it to school because it can be quite distracting.
  • My favorite web app is the Hulu app. Hulu is a website that has movies and tv shows all for free. It is always updated with new shows, movies, and new episodes of shows. The app lets me watch my favorite shows and movies anywhere and anytime. The video and sound quality in the app is wonderful. The website is better though. Its nice however when I don't have my Mac I can still watch my favorite shows.

  • wow. my favorite mobile app for sure is the calorie counter on my tmobile phone.

    i put in everything i eat for the day, and it stores the calorie, protein, and carb amount. also, i plug in all the activities i do that day, and it figures out how many calories i burn in a day. then, i can compare my calorie intake to how many i actually burn. also, i can put in the activities that i know i will be doing ahead of time, then based on my goal of how many extra calories i want to burn in a day, i can decide what i will eat a whole lot easier. in addition to all this, i sort of guilt myself into not eating certain things. when i look up how many calories are in some servings, i cant bring myself to actually eat it.

    im italian. i love food. correction, i love food that tastes good. i guess this app is sort of bittersweet in the sense that it makes me feel bad about eating things like chipotle, macaroni and cheese, chips, french fries, meat, ice cream, candy, pasta...yes, the app is amazing in that it does what it is suppoed to do. it logs everything i eat and do. it just sucks that i can not let myself eat some of the things i enjoy the most.

    its almost like im scared to let myself eat whatever i want...

  • For online: deviant ART, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, ff.net ,Egyptian Games.
    iPhone: Who wants to be a millionaire, Echofon, Block Drop 2, Sketchbook X, Mixology, facebook.

  • Other than LiveJournal, my favorites Facebook, Twitter, TwitterDeck, Blogger, LiveMixtapes, MixtapeTorrent, Torrentz, BTjunkie, Skype, and thats about it right now..... 
  • I check LJ and Hotmail several times a day, and play lots of Free Cell, Chuzzle and occasionally, Mah Jong. Oh, MLIA is a frequent time waster on quiet days!
  • there are a couple of ones that i love which is on facebook and myspace. The one on myspace is the bumper stickers. some of the stickers are really cute and some are clips from youtube. And the one on facebook that is so addicting is this Cafe world where you own a cafe and there are customers who come into the cafe and ordeer food. the trick is that when you leave the computer for the night, it doesn't pause the game...it keeps going!! and when you run out of food to serve, you're rating goes down. It is pretty kool and a lot of hard work to make the right amount to last the night or the whole day you are away at work.
  • Urgh... stop junking up the box, Yahoo!

  • I would have to say that multiply is my site of cjhoice. You get your own page with unlimited ability todecorate it and post what you will. lots of people who become good trust worthy friends. It is also a great networking place.

    My address there is

  • read my previous blog.  lol.
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